I wrote this back when I was a pretentious little bugger. It's awful reading it back now, kind of an embarrassment but I suppose I might as well post it

1. Deliver

So prolongs a missing piece of the puzzle
For I dismissed it with content and an iron fist
Never to return is he, for the punishment
The redemption of my respect is needed
You've taken that away with your music
Your slick words bending through any other
With consumption, like wine filling a glass

I am to become concrete, solidified with pride
But mirrors when looked into, show the porcelain 
So easy to crack, to damage
But so engulfing
Escaping your grasp was not easy, it was a challenge
but that is not to say I didn't enjoy it
 A drama

Our own little western show, played through
Played over and over like a broken record
Played far too many times

Your egotism is funny, look at yourself 
False confidence shines in the eyes of the liar
That's a shimmer of you, Liar
You are cold, bitter air
Out of the window with you! Warmth! I soak comfort
Not lust, not a slither of your heat, your sex
You're disgusting. You're a growth. Cling to me.
Clutch at my shoulders, my hips, my aching mind
Hope that you will forever have her 
Though no chains tie any longer 
They're broken

Possessiveness dying, I am free

Go ahead, Break me again 
I am the vengeful ghost, the track walked through on the last leg
I am the tide, the black sea that smothers the shore
I am the voice inside your head, screaming those lies
Screaming them back at you. How does it feel?
This is not revenge, I don't like cold food
This is the truth
Liar, Accept it

Like I accepted you 

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