The Boy in Stripes

Harold Edward Styles, also known as Harry Styles or simply Harry, has known he was gay for a long time. He came out proud, only to have everyone he loved leave him.
Suicide was on his mind, until one night he meets a boy named Niall, who he befriends.
Niall is in a local band. His band consists of him, Zayn, Liam, and Louis.
When Harry meets these boys, he falls in love with Louis, who he calls "The boy in stripes."
Now, Harry has a goal in what he thought was his "meaningless life."
And that goal is to make Louis his boyfriend, his lover, his soulmate..
His boy in stripes.


1. Who I am

Gay. That's who I am. Well that's my sexual orientation. Who am I? I'm Harry. An 18 year old living in his small London flat all alone. I'm sad, lonely, miserable. I use to be this happy, cheerful teenage boy who had his family and friends to support him. Until the day I came out..


((Flashback to 2 years in September))

I was walking down the road, watching the broken pavement pass by under my feet, feeling the cold breeze hit the back of my neck, then flowing through my brown curls. Occasionally I'd step on a dead leaf, making a crumbling noise. I was heading to my cousin Ava's party, knowing that most of our friends and family would be there. Ava and I are both 16, well Ava is just turning 16. Anyways, I was making my way to the building where her party would be at. It would also be the place I.. I'd come out, as in letting everyone know I am gay. I was so nervous, my palms flooding my pockets with sweat as they shook in the fear of this announcement

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