1. Smokers cough

Light a fire in the rain
watch it turn to dust again
this is how it began isn’t it

You’re not petty but you can be stupid
and too clever for your own good
getting lost in your own mind 
how do you not just crack it open 

I’m sorry that this is heavy
'heavy is the cost' 
It’s always like that with me
you knew that, but
selflessly, I’ve lost

I had to

You’re me with a higher and yet a lesser 
choice of words, 
less paths walked
more motions you’ve grown through
a year can change a person 
a day can change them too

sometimes it’s two weeks 
we both did, you pointed at it
I didn’t
we both fell, you hit me with that
I didn’t
I wont be verbal and that’s for you 
it’s all just for you

is for you

Just the way you wanted it, really

silly you

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