Cicatrix Manet

[An Ally Novel] Latin for 'Scars Remain'. Voldemort has been defeated, the battle has been won. How can you go back to normal when your entire life has been focused on destroying Voldemort? Read how Harry, Holly, and the rest of the Wizarding community re-build their world, try to heal their hurt and forget their scars.



When Holly walked through the doors to the Burrow’s kitchen she was immediately pounced on her fiancé, brother and her soon to be extended family. The Burrow had become a sort of hang out spot and meeting place. Mrs. Weasley loved being hostess for everyone and they all enjoyed a nice place to unwind and catch up with each other. It had been a few weeks since Holly sent her letter to the Minister for Magic and today she had met with him to hash out some of the rough work to their plan.

Draco was the first one to speak. He used the flattery card. “Hi honey, you look beautiful today. Is that a new shirt?” Holly rolled her eyes. She wore the same outfit as the day she went to the Ministry to testify for the Black family, except she wore a royal blue ribbed tank top under her black blazer.

“Yes dear it looks exquisite on you, really brings out your eyes” Mrs. Weasley added. Her tone was pleasant but she was wringing her hands; she only did that when she was nervous or excited. Holly guessed it was a mix of both tonight.

“So Holly, how was your day at the Ministry?” Mr. Weasley asked casually, probably hoping she would just tell them how her meeting went; the casual topic change card.

Holly just smiled, deciding to wait a bit longer, “Oh it was a good day. I saw Mrs. Longbottom and chatted with her for a bit. She’s doing well, planning Neville’s wedding already.”

Finally Fred couldn’t handle it anymore, “Cut the bullshit! How did your meeting with Kingsley go??” Holly laughed as Mrs. Weasley swatted at Fred’s head for swearing.

Holly cleared her throat before she proclaimed, “You are looking at the new head-chair to the Department of War Assistance and Survivor Aide. Kingsley approved of my idea to create an organization that can help and keep in contact of survivors of the war and families the war has touched. We’ll be able to help orphans like Siobhan, low-income families like the Abbott’s, and support to elderly caregivers like Andromeda. Obviously I’m a little young to head a department by myself so without further a due, let me introduce you to my co-worker!”

Holly held a hand out and presented the man who proceeded to step into the kitchen. The small kitchen was in shock for a few long moments before a great screech was heard.

“PERCY!” Mrs. Weasley ran up to her third-eldest son an embraced him. He awkwardly embraced her back, a gesture he was not used to for a number of years but was trying to get back. The family had been on better terms with Percy since the battle but it was still a little awkward getting back into the swing of things.

Holly stepped back and watched the Weasley’s chatters amongst themselves and leaned back into Draco’s body. He had wrapped his arm around a low beam in the kitchen and leaned against a wooden pillar. She looked up at him, “Are you OK with me working at the Ministry? I’m not invading ‘your’ work place?”

Draco laughed and kissed her forehead, “Not a chance. It will be great to see more of you now that you aren’t at Hogwarts.” He smiled slyly, “And now you’ll be able to help me with the puppies”

Holly’s eyes grew wide, “Phoenix and Gryphon are having puppies?!”

“Yep, due in a few months” Draco replied excitedly, “I just thought I was feeding Phoenix too much, guess I’m a bit thick sometimes”

Holly laughed, “Only for some things” she replied pulling his head down for a kiss. 

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