Something About Styles ❤️

I'm Sydney.
Harry and I were best mates.
now he's the popular,
and I'm the nerd he left behind.
I liked him a lot. like, like like...
but he won't care now.
Not about a bookworm like me.


1. Chapter 1

- Sydney's POV -

Harry and I used to be best mates.

used to.

I used to like Harry. (and maybe still do...)

But ever since we started high school 2 years ago, it's been... different.

He and his clique think they're all that because they're the football team and I'm just the school's bookworm.

Harry and I promised eachother we wouldn't change when we got to high school.

I guess he forgot his promise.



Great, Monday morning.

I drag myself out of bed and over to my closet.

After 5 minutes of decision making, I decide to put on my gray shirt and peach scarf with my white jeans. I slide my glasses up the bridge of my nose, and pull my Ugg boots on.

After getting dressed, I brush through my hair a little and head downstairs with my blue-purple floral backpack.

"Bye Mom!" I call, and walk out the door.


When I get to school, as usual, Sydney is there before me. She runs over and hugs me, as usual. We're kinda in a rut.

"SYDNEY!" she screams.

"Shh! It's okay! Geez you would have thought you haven't seen me in forever." I reply, while (lightly) shoving her off.

When she's finally off me, guess who decides to walk up behind us...

Harry, Liam, Michael, Calum, Luke, Ashton, Louis, Zayn, and Niall.

I told you he had a clique! But you fanfic readers always take what I say with a grain of salt.

"Well, well, well. Look who we have here. Little Miss Dork and Miss Bookworm." Harry says, shoving Sydney's books down with such force, she goes down with them.

Of course, everyone laughs.

Sydney finally gathers her books back up and stands up, just to be shoved down again by Louis.

They're so mean to her... she always says they're meaner to her, but I never believed her...

Now I can tell she's about to cry. She hardly every cries, Sydney's a tough cookie, despite everyone being so mean to her.

"What's your problem Harry?" I yelled, thinking of covering my mouth but decide I shouldn't show how scared I really am.

"What's that princess? Worried for your little dork friend?" Michael says, standing behind Harry.

"Leave her alone!" I say, as I try to shove Harry, only to have my own force be used against me and I find myself on the concrete, on my bum.

Smooth Sydney.

Again, everyone laughs.

"Sydney, lets just go..." Sydney says quietly, a tear running down her cheek.

I sigh.

"Fine." I pull myself off the ground and walk inside with Sydney.


Sydney and I walk to our lockers together.

"Don't worry about them Sydney." I say.

She stays silent, and opens her locker.

I can tell she's obviously really upset. Especially since she was crying.

We both get our books and head opposite ways since she has Honors English and I have Government.

In class, I sat in my usual seat, middle of the classroom. Of course, I have to have class with Harry, Luke, Liam, and Zayn. I feel so bad for Sydney... she has Louis, Calum, Michael, Ashton, and Niall in her class...

Harry and his stupid friends sit behind me. Luke walks in the row towards the back beside my desk and "accidentally" knocks all my books on the floor, and high-fives Zayn and Harry.

"Good morning students!" our teacher says.

After that, I really wasn't paying attention. I had already read the chapter last week so I knew the whole lesson.

"Sydney? Do you..." my government teacher says, walking over to my desk.

I handed her a stack of homework papers.

What? I always do my work early.

Finally, after what seems like forever, we're dismissed.


It's finally lunch, and I head to the cafeteria and sit down at Sydney and I's normal lunch table. We usually sit by ourselves, since not many people want to sit with us.

After 10 minutes, Sydney still hasn't come to lunch. I decide to go and look for her.

I walk down the hall, and hear someone crying...

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