Six months after Fracture, Dipper is left alone with his newborn son. Needless to say, he calls for backup.


1. Part 1

To say that Dipper Pines was nervous when his wife told him she'd be going camping with her brothers and father just three weeks after their son was born would be an understatement to end all understatements. But when she gave him a kiss on the cheek and put little Tyrone in his arms, telling them to "enjoy their guy time," well, he couldn't argue.

As soon as the redhead disappeared in her dad's truck, though, the anxiety set in. He tried to calm himself down by staring into his newborn's peaceful face, and it actually did the trick.

Then the unthinkable happened.

Tyrone sneezed.

Dipper swallowed down panic. Newborns sneeze all the time, right?

He sneezed again. Dipper's heart lurched.

What if he's horribly sick with some sort of newborn pneumonia? Is he swaddled tight enough? Did I expose him to too much cold without even knowing it?

Tyrone didn't make any more noise besides gentle baby snoring, and Dipper somehow managed to relax again.

Until a whimper escaped his son.

Unable to hold it back any longer, Dipper rushed for the landline. He needed help, but Mabel was out of town. Holding his son tight, he dialed the number of the most experienced parent he knew.


Prez Cipher absentmindedly shoved popcorn in her mouth, totally transfixed by the glow of the television screen. Her younger sister, Girlie Tennant, was sprawled out on the couch next to her.

Their husbands, Bill Cipher and David Tennant, were out of town, and Prez's five younger kids were spending time with the Appleshine family in New York. So what were two women to do when left home alone in central Oregon for three days?

Go on a Disney movie and Doctor Who double-whammy-marathon, of course.

Their viewing of "The Eleventh Hour," however, was interrupted when the phone rang.

"Your turn." Prez immediately announced.

"It's your phone."

"And I got it last time. Go answer the phone."

She paused Netflix as her sister got up to answer the phone.



Dipper never thought he'd be so happy to hear Girlie's voice. "Please help."

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