Justin & Jamie

Jamie is just a kid that lost half of her family to a drunk driver. She's just 12 years old when she starts cutting. She thinks it's the only way to solve her problems but can someone change that or just make her life worse?


3. Born to Be Somebody - (Chapter 1)

Jamie: OUCH! Jamie yells.

Ugh. Cutting hurts but it makes me feel better. I get up off the bathroom floor and go in to my bedroom attached. I put on a long sleeve shirt to cover up my scars. I got out my ipad, got on youtube to see what was new. I came upon this kid who's voice was so amazing. It made me smile so big and I didn't even notice, I had tears in my eyes.

Jamie: This kid was born to be somebody I say to myself in a whisper. Must not have whispered because just then my brother walks in.

Jake: Who are you talking about?

Jamie: Oh um. Watch this video.

Jake sat down beside me on my bed and watched the video.

Jake: Wow kid's got talent.

Jamie: I know.

I left a comment saying, "You were born to be somebody ;)".

He replied quick saying "Thanks".

Jake: hey, dad's cooking your favorite tonight so hurry.

Jamie: spaghetti! Yes! I'll be right down!

My brother leaves the room. I watch atleast 3 more videos go downstairs with my brother and dad and eat dinner. I finish put my dish in the sink then went up to my room. I took a quick shower, put on sweats and a t-shirt. I hate January. The struggles. I jumped under the covers and fell asleep.

•Sorry the chapters are short and don't really say much but I'll make it longer and try not to explain much. Love You All ~Kennedy💜😘•

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