The Titanic

This Movella is a story about the Titanic... It is a bit wierd...
F.I.S.H. (fuck it shit happens) is a 21 years old man. He is on the Titanic, when it sinks, he and two others reach an island, so it seems like they are rescued. But what happens when all sorts of strange things happens on the island and who is the man that F.I.S.H. always sees, but no one else can see him?


1. The Iceberg

I was waiting in line, I actually didn’t know why I bought the ticket, I mean I always got so seasick whenever I was on a ship or a boat. Maybe I bought it, because everybody told me that it woud be so great.  

“Mister? May I see your ticket, please?” 

I looked to the side and saw that it was my turn. 

“Oh yeah, sorry.” 

I showed the man my ticket and he let me on the ship. 

“Welcome to the Titanic, mister!” 

“Oh, well thank you…” 

When I walked inside, I looked around. “It was so BIG!” I walked around for about ten minutes, then I heard this loud music. I walked over to the music and saw that the rich people were having a party. I knew that I wasn’t allowed in there, but I walked over to the party anyways. A man walked up to me.  

“Sir, you’re not allowed in here.” 

“Oh yeah, sorry.” 

I walked out and tried to find my room. When I found it, I realized that I had to share it with a man named John England. He was a weird fellow… 

The next day I just walked around, not doing anything. I ate some food, there was so much food! I met some people, there was this yoga girl named Jenny, she was funny. I chose to go back to my room. When I came to my room and sat down, I heard a big rumble. It sounded like thunder or a lightning or something. I went up to the deck, and saw that the waves were seiously big, some of them reached the deck. I went over to the other side of the Titanic, that was where I saw the iceberg… It was so close to the ship! Suddenly I heard a really loud noise, it was like something scraped against the ship. I looked around the deck, I saw some really big pieces of ice laying on it, the ship must have hit the iceberg before. Some boys started kicking the ice, some people are just stupid.  
Some minutes after we hit the iceberg, people started asking  if everything was good and if the ship had hit an iceberg. The ship crew just said that everything was okay, but I knew something was wrong. I ran down to my room, when I came down I saw that there was some water on the floor. I ran over to John, who was asleep and woke him up.  
“Hey man, what’s your problem, why did you wake me up?! How would you feel if I just woke you up from a really good sleep?!”  
John was really mad! 
“John! There’s water on the floor!” 
“Don’t be such a wuss, it’s just water! Or are you maybe scared of some tiny water?!” 
“No! But the ship hit an iceberg, so the ship is probably sinking!” 
“Whatever! I mean your name is F.I.S.H., shouldn’t you be a really good swimmer then!?” 
“F.I.S.H. is my nickname and you know why! Just come with me!” 
“Okay man! Just chill!” 
Finally when John got up, we walked up to the deck again. When we reached the deck, it was crawling with people, some of them were running around, others were panicking.  
After a while, the captain announced that the ship was sinking. The ship crew started to put women and children in the lifeboats. The men were getting worried, because almost all of the lifeboats were full and there were still many women and children left. Suddenly there came a loud bang and some blue man came out on the deck, I heard someone yell Dr. Manhattan after him, so I guess his name was Dr. Manhattan… Everybody looked at him, suddenly John, who stood beside me, said: 
“Who the heck is that and why does he look like a blue lollipop?! 
After a while, the ship’s front deck was almost in the water. There were some men, who started jumping into the water. I ran over to the side of the ship, to see if the men in the water were okay. Suddenly someone or something pushed me over the side and I fell in the water, then everything just turned black. 
I woke up and realized that I was in the water. It was freezing! I looked around and saw that people were screaming and yelling for help. There were also many people who were dead. Suddenly it sounded like a motor was coming, it came closer and closer. After a minute it was really close and that was, when I saw some kind of a pelican with a merman body. On the pelican/merman there was a man. When it came closer I saw that is was John. He kept yelling;  
“Come on George Budderham! You can do it!” 
I yelled at John; 
“Hey John! Help me please!” 
“What’s up F.I.S.H.! Want a ride?” 
“Umm yeah… I guess!” 
They picked me up and then we just swam… 
After a while, we saw an island, it seemed really small. I looked at it and that was when I saw, that there was a man on it and he was looking right at me… 

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