The glass bender

A Russian girl controls all glass. She struggles with a prophecy and trying to control her power.


1. glass

My name is Natalia Nikvaon Romania. Or pronounced in English Natasha nobody'sdaughter Romanov. I'm a glass bender. I can use my magic to bend glass in all shapes. I can control glass nearby. I can shatter it just by thinking, or melt it or make it move and change shapes, I can also my glass out of thin air and make walls of glass suddenly rise up in front of me. At least that's how it works most of the time. Some times when I'm upset at the glass around my will do odd things like melt and shatter.

Flash back

"Mom whats this odd piece of paper?" I asked.

"What paper honey?" Mom asked from the other room.

"This old one with a poem on it, here I'l bring it into the room for you," I said.

"No don't touch that!" Mom screamed. She dashed into the room as my finger tips rested on the paper, The words " why not?" half formed on my lips. Nothing happened for a second then it blew my back, Mom caught me.

"No no no this can't be happening," she whispered barely audible.

"Mommy? What does it mean that I'm going to Die?" I asked.

"No!" Mom cried in horror, "No" she whispered to herself, her voice was choked. "Its an old prophecy," mom said trying hard not  to cry, "Its about a girl who dies to stop at fight that has nothing to do with her. Its said the first girl younger than 13 to touch that paper on the 9th of December, becomes the prophecet, for 50 year no girl under 13 has touched that paper on the 9th. And I hoped the prophecy would never come true, I was stupid not to take precautions, Its said only the girl knows the true end of the prophecy, and you know it"

All the glass in the room shattered, I was scared, a piece dug into moms shoulder she grimaced and sunk to the floor. I was oblivious, I was scared now but now I was mostly angry.  Its not fair in a family of immortals I was going to die because of a fight that wasn't mine. The glass started to bubble and melt. Mom screamed as the glass in her shoulder melts. I turn around and backed into the nonexistent window almost falling out. "The glass is catching the house on fire," Mom said through gritted teeth. "Get out Elsa!" she said  using her pet name for me, "Get out!" She blasted me in the chest with a jet of water. I went flying through the air and landed on the lawn with a thump. I scrambled up and ran.

End of flashback

By then the fights between the white wolf and my brother had already started, I wanted nothing to do with them so I left deciding to leave fighting behind all together but each time they fought I felt a pull in my head.

I went with my dad. All the stuff about fathers becoming drunkards after the mother died is crap. Even though I told him the full story he didn't blame me. He understood that I lost her to. But he was always in a bit of a daydream. One of his old enemy's caught up to him. And killed him. I had no desire to be put in and orphanage so I ran.

For a while I left and lived on another planet. One of Jupiter's moons to be exact. But I soon realized that wasn't going to work, the father away I was the harder the pull was. Sometimes it would knock me over, and other times it would just drag me towards them. 

So I moved back to earth, and made a glass castle in the Antarctic. I found that glass muffled the pull and I lived in peace determined to avoid and break the prophecy.

And for awhile I did, but yesterday I felt this need to go to Iceland. But not the same kind of pull that told me they were fighting, no this was different. And so I met the white wolf. And so I met my mate.

That really sucks. Because now I'm about to die.

Great just great.

Everything seems slowed down. And I'm thinking through my whole life I kinda wish I could have gotten out more. Seen the world, but I was so hell bent on avoiding the prophecy that I didn't take the time to enjoy life the way I should have.

I look at the spell inching towards me. I raised my wall just to late and now I'm going to die. I realized idly that the spell isn't my brothers something must be helping him. It seems to take hours for the spell to hit my chest. I'm frozen to the spot and can't move out of its way. In real time it is probably taking milliseconds. I force myself to relax then its hits my heart and I feel a searing pain everything snaps back to normal time.

The white wolf is running towards me. He lays me across his lap. I glance at my brother he has an face of absolute horror on. Whatever was helping him must have muddled his vision and now hes seeing his sister dying from one of his spells must be hard for him. For some reason I'm completely calm.

"No No stay with me Natasha" the white wolf cries. I don't bother asking him how he knew my name I doubt he know how he knew my name either. This things just happen.

I take a deep breath in and instantly regret it, feeling a deep stab of pain in my heart. "You should live in my glass castle," I say to him. each word is painful but I need to say this, "Yes I'd like that. Its in the Antarctic." He nods. Hawk leans down and his lips brush mine. His lips aren't soft or any of that nonsense, they're rough like woven cloth. But I don't care I wish I could freeze this moment. 


But I can't. He gets up and walks up to my brother and shouts at him. My brother shouts back. I can't hear the words, but I could tell from body position and  tone of voice that they were about to start fighting. "Oh please don't let me dying be in vain," I think. The both turn to look at me. Hawk (the white wolf) kneels down. And slides his fingers over my eyes closing them.

I find my self in a glass bubble. I try to walk through it nothing happens. I keep trying eventually I break down and start pounding the walls still nothing happens. I curl up in the bottom and molten glass tears stream down my cheeks.






The end

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