Complicated Love

This story talks about two teens, who find their way to each other and fall in love. But both of them have problems, will they ruin their relationship or will they share them? Find out by reading ''Complicated Love.''

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25. Chapter 25

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Lisa's POV:


I take in the fresh air, which is like paradise to my stuffed lungs. The air in the school building is terrible, lots of smoke and the teachers don't even seem to notice.

''So, how about you come to my place, so we can study?''Olivia asked, walking beside me.

''That'd be great.''I smile.


I'm stunned by the beautiful view I see of Olivia's house. It's more like a mansion. Olivia must be really rich, cause this place looks like a home only celebrities would own.

''Wow,''is all that comes out of my mouth as we enter the gorgeus house.

''I know, it's really huge. Sometimes I get lost in it,''She chuckles.

We make our way upstairs, Olivia leading the way. She opens the door to her room and I gasp, seeing the lovely room. It has a huge king sized bed, a couch and chairs, all placed in different parts of the room. I can see the theme is Paris, so the door to her closet has a huge Eiffel tower on it. Her whole room looks amazing.

''You really must be rich,''I say, as I sit down in one of the blue colored chairs.

''My parents are. They're both doctors and that means I barely get to see them.''She is quiet and I know it's a touchy subject for her.

''I'm sorry,''is all I can say.

''Anyway, let's get started!''She lightens the mood and takes her textbooks out of her bag. I join her.


''Finally, this shit is killing me.''Olivia curses and closes her textbook.

I laugh.

''So, how about you're life?''She questioned, and I froze. I felt every muscel lock and I couldn't get the words out.

''It's a huge mess.''

''Tell me, we have time.''She chuckled, and I took a deep breath.

''My dad left me and my mom when I was 5. 8 months ago my mom died of cancer, and my aunt is raising me now.''I say the simple stuff, not adding Ryan into it. It still hurts too much.

''I'm sorry to hear that.''She says, her voice quiet.

''It's okay.''

''You must have had a boyfriend, you're too gorgeus not to be taken. Am I right?''She laughs, but I still. How am I going to tell her about all the fucked up events that happened? I can still hardly believe it myself.

''Um, yeah. I did.''

''Did? What happened?''

''It's a long story.''

''I have time.''

''Well, I met him about 9 months ago, and we um, fell in love. But things happened and I had to move here, my aunt forced me to.''

''Do you still love him?''

I freeze at her question. I don't want to cry. Fuck no.

''Yeah, a lot.''

''Did he cheat on you?''


''What did he do? I swear boys are so immature-''She started, but I cut her off.

''It was me. I had an abortion, and that's why we had to move.''

She was silent, probably feeling sorry for me. I hate pity.

''I'm so sorry, Lisa.''

''Don't be.''


Ryan's POV:


I head towards the soccer field, wanting to let all of my fucked up emotions go with the ball.

''Ay, Ryan, we've missed you. Where have you been? We haven't seen you in 2 weeks,''The coach spoke, and my throat went dry. All I could see was her. With her gorgeus hazelnut hair, playing on the field. Her eyes meeting mine and she smiled at me, making me shiver. All I could fucking think about was her. Day and night.

''I've uh, had some problems.''Was all I could say.

''Well, we're glad you're back. Show us what you're worth, Wood!''He called, after running off.

I played, but couldn't stop thinking about how she played. I was going insane and was sure of it.I couldn't text her or contact her, cause she'd changed her number. I needed to know she was okay.


Lisa's POV:


I was so tired of feeling like this. Hurt. In pain. Worthless. Jason could tell me endless compliments, but he would never replace Ryan. There was a hole in my heart that only he could fill. Each day the pain grew worse. Not better, as they say. But I couldn't go back. I knew it was right to let him go, I was too broken to heal. I'd been through too much shit to ever make up for it. So, to handle the pain I grabbed the razor and sliced my wrist open, finding that the only way to make the pain go away.

I watched the blood rush from my scars, but felt no pain. More relief.


I started to go downstairs, but stopped on the stairs as I heard Sarah talking to someone.

''She wouldn't like it, but it's the best thing to do.''

''Please, just consider it.''

''I can't handle a child, it's too much stress.''

My body froze.

''I knew from all along I couldn't raise her. It's you're job, Mark!'' A/N: Sorry if I put the name wrong, can't remember the right one, so let's just say it's Mark, kay!

''Okay, see you saturday.''

She ended the call and I knew exactly what she ment with her words. I didn't even think, before I sprinted down the stairs, my whole body almost shaking of anger.

''How dare you?''I yelled, making her jump.


''You want to give me to him! The person who left us behind! How dare you, how fucking dare you!? Mom wanted YOU to raise me, and just because you're such a pussy and don't want to, you think I'm a fucking item to throw to eachother? How fucking dare you even consider that, Sarah!?''I yell in her face, and I felt the tears stream down my eyes.

''It's not what you think-''

''Save me from the bullshit.''

''Look, it's not that I don't like you, it's just-''

''I HATE YOU!''I yelled and rushed upstairs, where I bursted into tears.

What was I going to do with my life? I wasn't even worth anything. I was an item. You can have her, now it's you're turn. They don't know how much they hurt me. I just want to go. Forever.

Bet you didn't see this one coming, ay?


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