- My name's Ellie. My name's Abby. My name's Millie. - We are just like every other human being on the planet. A very small planet, which is full of massive stories. Full of mystery, full of drama... and most importantly, it is full of nature. Whether that is animals, plants, or even us... Back To School tomorrow... and you know what that means? - Nerds, Bullies... and every individual child who comes to class. Every pupil that enters those two doors are fake. Some pretend to be people they're not. And when it becomes too much... WHAT DO WE DO?!


12. Sarah's POV [Chapter 1] Hazards On The Streets!

Sarah’s POV

“If you say so…” I whispered.

Kyle smiled, and let go of my hand. As I saw shadows in the distance, and blurry human figures coming closer. I could see, two, no wait… three! – No… four! – Five?! B-but I only hang around with three… who are the other two?

“Ah, good to see they made it, am I right, babes?” Kyle whispered in a soft tone.

“Y-yeah. I’m happy to see them arriving so early…” I spoke with sarcasm.

The five distant figures had come closer, and revealing their clothing to my eyes. I could see one that looked familiar. The others looked like strangers to me, Abby? – No way! It can’t be… but it was, and she was with strangers. They were on BMX’s – silver paint. And again, some had rusty metal. Abby was riding on the back with one of the strangers. I could see them, just about through the darkness. Kyle didn’t look surprised, he looked happy to see Abby. He doesn’t even care about how I feel…

Abby got off the BMX, as she put down her hood. Her hood was dark grey, and the strangers just parked their bikes near the alleyway to the left of us. I need air, I need space! – This is all too much for me. I didn’t expect Abby to interrupt our date! And I didn’t want strangers ruining our dates either! Kyle’s really annoying… he has lied to me, or, maybe he is just trying to make amends with Abby… b-but why does he need me for that? – I hate that bitch, she isn’t as bad as “Ellie,” though…

“Sarah, wow… good to see you made it…” Abby smiled at me.

As Abby spoke to me, the other hooded strangers, hiding their faces. It scared me a little, I wondered whether they were staring at me. Looking down at me, making me feel small.

“—Thanks, I guess… y-you look great—A-A-Abby…” I stuttered.

“You look decent… that work for ya?” She laughed in my face.

“So… w-when are we watching the movie together?” I turned my attention to Kyle, looking at him, desperate for reassurance.

“Aha, soon… Abby and the others, they kind of—w-want to talk to you…” Kyle muttered.

Abby was up in my face, the moment I turned around, to face Abby again. There she was, staring at me, closer than our last encounter. She stared into my eyes, and whispered to me:

“Yeah… we need to talk, get a few things straightened out…” Abby smirked.

The strangers, the rest of the party circled around me on their bikes. Some of them shoving me into Abby. Kyle stood alone in the distance, watching us. He didn’t look happy, he looked quite depressed. But he still looked away from me, ignoring me. It was as if, he didn’t care about me… but he did. His facial expressions show some kind of interest in me. So… why is he just watching me?

“D-do you hear that? Sirens… looks like trouble is in the distance…” Abby whispered.

I nodded. “Yeah… t-trouble…” And gulped.

“Sorry, Sarah… sometimes, It takes effort to make someone follow you. You know, it can take a lot of time. A whole lot of time, just to make someone fall over their heels for someone else. Good job Kyle!” Abby smirked.

Abby’s little party, gang even… shoved me into the alleyway, some of their front wheels left marks on my dress. And Abby lifted up her hood, hiding her face from me. The bikers managed to rip some of my dress. Not too much, it hadn’t revealed much yet… but I feared it will, and the constant shoving, it is making me feel nervous…

The sirens in the distance blared loudly. They sounded a little close, not too close though…

“School’s tomorrow, can’t we talk about this then?” I muttered.

“No… we would have to play by their rules… I-I don’t like their rules…” Abby pushed me into the fence.

The bikers blocked the alleyway, as they watched and listened out for the sirens.

Up against the fence, my heart panting and trembling in my shell. Abby slapped me twice.

-- “Sarah… if you ever… ever! Pick on Ellie again, make a fool out of her… I’ll kill you…”

I nodded with slight hesitation. “Okay… O-okay, I’m sorry!” I cried.

“Your dress looks better… suits the style we’re looking for…” Abby laughed.

“So… w-why are you so different outside s-school, huh?” I asked with hesitation.

“It’s time away from rules… and I’m sick of you. And your little friends!”

As she spoke, she was spitting all over my face. I tried to wipe the spit off my face, but she had taunted me a little too much. And her constant threats, it just made me feel scared and afraid.

Just when I thought Abby was going to hurt me, she didn’t. Or so, she couldn’t… the sirens were too close. They had parked up outside the alleyway, on the opposite road. Lucky for Abby and her friends, the police aren’t in direct eye-contact level. They are just to the side, the wall of the alleyway is blocking their view. Kyle is my only hope, and I just hope he gets them over here… or at-least tries to help me out. I don’t think me and Abby should be looking at each-other for this long…

“You’d better watch your back, me and the lads… we know a lot about your family. Kyle told me a lot about your awful kissing… ha! Yeah, he tells us this, because he really hates you… you sick bitch!”

Abby threw me into the fence behind her, as I fell to my knees feeling embarrassed and abused.

“Yo Kyle, get over here! She’s blushing… or maybe she’s just going red from Abby’s sweet skills!”

Kyle ignored his mates. Good on him, he is doing the right thing, not taking part in this bullying act!

“Tell you what… we’ll let you go. You’ve suffered a lot tonight, lies, betrayal, and more importantly… your little Lore on your own life, how does it feel?” Abby smirked.

I ignored her, hatred was building up in me. I just wanted to swing for her, but I was too afraid of what she was capable of. I mean, I never expected her to be such an evil being, a bully… someone who takes it way too far! – Who actually says the words: “I’ll kill you.” – Please let this nightmare be over…

Abby let me get up, she let me stand on my own two feet. I felt slight hesitation to show her a piece of my mind! – She deserved a slap, a kick in the face. Something that’ll shut her up… but I didn’t do anything… I just walked towards the end of the alleyway, where her mates could laugh at me. Mock me, make mean comments behind my back. I walked the path of shame, that’s what it felt like!

“Ha, good one Abby. You really know how to speak down to people…”

“Skank! – Keep walking, keep walking… off the edge!”

“Off the edge! – Off the edge!” They chanted.

I felt a tear roll down my left cheek, as they mocked me. Spoke behind my back, and made me feel unwelcome. Kyle finally came up to me, well not exactly… he followed me, whilst the others cheered on Abby. Making her feel good about what she had done. One of the lads hadn’t finished with me. He threw a stone at my left shoulder. “A direct hit!” He laughed.

The sirens turned off, and the police caught the attention of the state of me. My appearance, my clothing ripped. My hair trampled on, and body covered in tire marks. The police walked over to me, and questioned me. I hadn’t noticed, one of them actually saw the rock being thrown at me.

“Kid, are you alight, Miss?” The officer asked.

“…I’m fine… j-just let me go home, please…” I prayed in my mind.

“Not so fast… we can’t just let you walk away like that. One of our cadets caught the scene. Heck, we wouldn’t have even noticed you, if it weren’t for him.”

“Oh, really? – Look, I’m sorry, okay! I didn’t mean to come down this stupid-road…” I sighed.

“If you don’t mind, we’d like to ask you some questions at the station…” the officer replied.

I nodded. As Kyle hid behind the red parked van. He watched me, as the police escorted me to their vehicle. ‘What is my mother going to say about this?!’

*** Inside the Police Car, Question Time… ***

“Miss, this is Cadet Anderson. He caught the scene, he’d like to talk to you…”

“Okay… sure, how long is this going to take, though?” I mumbled.

“As long as it takes… sorry.”

“Ask me the question, then!” I became impatient.

“Miss… I advise you to not raise your voice during the questioning at the station. We could call this a trial. Just to make you feel more ready for the real talk…” the officer interrupted.

“Right, my name is Cadet Anderson. Miss, what is your name?” The cadet asked.

“S-Sarah…” I sighed.

“Right… Sarah, do you know that boy’s name, the one who threw the rock at you?” He asked.

“…No… I don’t, sorry… officer.”

“O-okay… next question, Sarah, did you—“ he paused. “Can you look up the file of the names of the residents living in this part of the neighbourhood, Sargent Windsor?”

“I’m on it. And please… continue the questioning…”

“Right, Sarah… you were clearly attacked. Those tares in your dress.  And of course your make-up, Miss. I can see handprints on your cheeks. Sorry, Miss.” The cadet made me feel uncomfortable.

Trapped in vehicle with police, this is overwhelming… and with one questioning me, laying down the facts in-front of me. He even has the evidence… and Abby will kill me, if she finds out about this!

“Sorry… yes, I was attacked…” I grumbled.

“Right, Miss. We’ll question you further at the station…”

*** The Police Station – Parking Zone - ***

The officers had stopped talking to me, leaving me to relax. And then, they parked the vehicle outside the station. Police cars everywhere! Outside the window, I could see a whole lot of officers walking into the station. Some walking out, some driving away, and others reversing. I can see other prisoners too. Some of them being taken in by muscular officers. Kind of like the ones I have in this car. They are pretty hot looking for men. I actually felt a bit of flushing going on inside of me.

*** The Police Station ***

The officers escorted me into the main entrance. As I entered, I felt a little bit nervous. Afraid of what they were going to ask me. Some of the visitors sitting on chairs, they took notice of me. Just as they stared at me, I tried to wipe the make-up off my face. I spat on my left hand, and tried to rub around my cheek. An officer stopped me, holding my hand away from my cheek. ‘Evidence…’ of course. That’s the only reason I’m here… I’m official evidence that could bust Abby and her gang.

The Sargent spoke to the main-desk, making it official that my interview would be now. As they escorted me through some doors, I found myself feeling lost. And then they slammed the door behind me. Whilst two officers stayed with me, the Sargent walked off towards the cells. I became even more nervous, as I saw the two chairs and a table. One chair facing the other chair. Oh no, not an interview! I can’t do eye-contact with officers… they make me nervous. Please, let me out of here!

I sat down, holding a deep breath inside of me. Refusing to let it out, the officers had already confiscated my phone. Taken it off me before even going into this room. Apparently, you can’t have any valuables… phones, IPhones – anything that you can contact someone with… great!

“Interview taking part with…” the officer paused.

“—Sarah… Sarah Havens,” I spoke into the mini-microphone.

“In crime of “Assault.” Prosecutor found: Innocent. – Taking place in: Alva lodge Police Station. Offense, Sarah Havens. – Interview started at: 9:30 PM. – Thank-you.”

I became even more nervous as the officer spoke into the microphone. Thank-fully, I was innocent. And I didn’t need a Lawyer, although I would’ve liked it if my Mother was with me for this…

“Sarah Havens, you were found on NewFord Road, causing a commotion with the local neighbours. Is this true?”

“…W-well, I was kind of causing a commotion… b-but it weren’t by purpose! I swear!”

“Now-now, calm down please. We appreciate it if you use a soft tone, rather than a sharp tone…”

“Sorry… yes, I caused a commotion. B-but I was in danger, attacked, abused…” I cried.

“Thank-you, Sarah Havens. You are also here with Cadet Anderson. He will be assisting you, if you need to talk to him. He is there… remember, we all want your safety, it is our concern for you to feel safe in your own home. We keep the public safe, it is our intentions.”

“Sarah Havens, why were you on NewFord Road? Any close relatives near-by? – Your home is quite a distance from there. Did you consult your parents?” He asked more than one question.

“Ah… I-I –I don’t know… I was j-just, ah! My aunt lives near NewFord Road… a-and my home is far away from there… it is easier to get to my aunt’s by car. I’m sorry… I didn’t consult my parents.”

“Glass of water, Sarah Havens?” Cadet Anderson asked.

With all these questions spiralling in my mind and extra questions flooding in. I felt as if my oxygen had gone. Struggling to breathe, I needed air! – Air now… I need a drink too, my throat is dry…

Cadet Anderson placed a glass of water in-front of me. As I picked it up, I sipped a drop of water.

“Okay, Sarah Havens. Did you get attacked by anyone familiar? A relative who lives somewhere near NewFord Road? Were you abused or would you call it assault? We have put it down as Assault.”

“…Familiar…?” I gasped. “No-no, I didn’t see anyone familiar-familiar… I j-just saw strangers… they were wearing hooded jackets. They made threats, and scared me…” I mumbled.

“Speak-up please Sarah, we need to hear you on the tape. Thank-you.”

I nodded in fear. “Okay…”

“Judging from the information we have gathered. Your make-up has been smudged, and there are two handprints on both cheeks of your face. Your clothing has also been ruined. Can you explain why this is?” He asked.

“Y-yes… No, I can’t explain it. B-but I’ll try. They were on bikes, BMX’s… they cycled into me, pushing me into an alleyway. And a-a girl… she pulled her hood down, revealing her face. The others were faceless, I couldn’t see any details that would help you…” I trembled in fear.

“A girl? There was no information about a girl, Sarah Havens.” He interrupted.

“No, did I say a girl? – I meant a boy… a b-boy who had his hood down…” I lied.

“Sarah Havens, at the start of this tape recording, you swore to tell the truth. Your constant stuttering on sentences tells me differently… there was a clearly a girl. And she must’ve threatened you. It is quite obvious, just by looking at your face. We do not appreciate your lies…”

“Sarah, don’t cover up for them. They deserve justice, and it will be served… if you speak the truth.” Cadet Anderson reassured me.

“I-I’m sorry… I-I need air! I need air!” I cried.

I shoved past the Cadet, and walked outside in the hallway of the station. 

“…Miss Havens! –“ The interviewing officer shouted.

*** Abby’s POV ***

“Did you c-catch the sirens?” I asked in frustration.

“Y-yeah Abby, we got it all… they took her away, ha! Good riddance…” Kenny laughed.

“Did you see her red face, boy… is she u-ugly…!” Joey joked.

“Yeah… and now we wait. Wait for another day to come…” I replied.

Our little hideout, it wasn’t much. But after leaving Ellie for someone else, I had to find someone who really needed me. And Kenny needed me, before… he was a broken down man. A teenager not ready to become an adult. He was drowning his sorrows in alcohol and begging for me to save him. He even wrote me a poem whilst drunk, I joined him. And yeah… he got me drunk, but we spent the night together. And that’s when I realised that me and him, we have a lot going for each-other.

“Kenny, you coming? We’re going to let Ellie know the good news… Abby will be proud when Ellie knows about tonight,” Joey laughed.

What’s weird, is that me, Kenny, Kyle and Joey. We were the only ones wanting to hurt Sarah. The other lad that had joined in, we didn’t even ask him to. B-but he seems to be close friends with Kenny. I didn’t know he had friends, he told me that I was his only friend. He lost his others from his drinking problems… he hasn’t lied to me, he has just failed to tell the truth under drunk circumstances…

*** Kenny’s POV ***

“She’ll be like BANG, and that’ll be Sarah crying in the rain…” Joey laughed.

“Bro, where would the “BANG,” come from?” I asked.

“Oh you know Kenny, it’ll be me… BANGING her! Ha, ha, ha!” Joey smirked.

“You really know how to deal with girls, don’t you?” I said in a sarcastic tone.

“—don’t be like that bro, she’ll be all over me… remember, I’m going to sweet talk her.”

“I d-don’t think we should break the ice, she’s going to be way scared of us when she gets out…”

“Tell me about it, but who’ll be there for her when she faces the outside world again? Me!” He joked.

“Cool… I guess you will have her… good luck to you, man.”

*** At Ellie’s House ***

I knocked on her door, Abby told us where she lived. Although, I’m afraid that she’ll slam the door on our faces. She didn’t look too happy with Kyle earlier…

Ellie answered the door.

“Ellie! – We’ve got some news for you…” Joey said with excitement.

As he looked up, he realised that he was talking to a taller person than, Ellie. It was Ellie’s sister. Her older sister that looked quite pretty, but again… she was taken. No look there, right bro?

“…Oh sorry… wrong house?” Joey hid in his coat.

“No-no, you have the right house. I’m Ellie’s sister, what do you want?”

“Nothing, really… w-we just wanted t-to talk to Ellie?” Joey replied in fear.

“Is your friend alright? He seems a little odd… ARE YOU BLUSHING?!” She laughed.

“Ah… no! – I-I’m not, I’m not blushing! I-I’m just… allergic to your sweater…” Joey failed to make up an excuse.

“-R-right… of course you are. Silly of me to wear something covered in roses… Ellie’s at the park. She told me herself, and tell your friend that I’m taken. Don’t want him to get the wrong message.”

She slammed the door. Joey revealed his face again, as he looked shy and nervous. More importantly, he was dumped without it even starting. It was funny to look at, and funny to observe. He looked embarrassed and afraid of Ellie’s sister.

“She made a fool out of you, bro! Ha, ha!” I laughed.

“Yeah-yeah… whatever, she’ll pay for that, mark my words on that…” Joey hissed.

He pulled out a can of spray paint from his inside jacket’s pocket. And held it in-front of me, offering it me. (I didn’t want to take it off him, I was done with the children’s games…)

“Mark my words on it!” Joey spoke in a sharp tone.

“Alright, alright!” I replied.

Staring at Ellie’s house, one of the walls to her house. I held the spray can in my left hand, as I put up my hood in frustration. ‘Why can’t Joey just do it?’ He did help me a little… but Abby is my real hero.

Joey threw a stone at Ellie’s bedroom window. – “Take that, you stupid idiotic… bitch!”

Ellie’s sister opened Ellie’s bedroom window and looked down at me and Joey.

“Go away! What do you think you’re doing?!” She shouted.

“Nothing much… j-just hanging around, watching your garden… grow!” Joey smirked.

As he shouted his final sentence, his final insult. He did something unexpected, I never expected him to become so angry with someone. And yet, his insults became violence… he pulled out a cigarette and lit it. Before I knew it, (it all happened so fast!) He threw it into Ellie’s garden.

“W-what… have you done?! I’m calling the cops! I’m writing your names down, every last one of you!”

“Come on, bro… let’s go… I’m not staying here for the feds to show up. You don’t deserve that wannabe husband of yours! – He’ll just use you, babes… like everyone else out there!” Joey laughed.

Joey ran off, and dashed through the nearest alleyway, as he left me behind with the spray can in my hands. He also left me with a screaming older sister and a burning garden… the small flames had spread pretty quickly, as the flames built up. It had actually caught fire to the vines going up Ellie’s house…

Chapter 12 - Coming Soon! -

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