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13. Joey's POV [Chapter 2] Hazards On The Streets!

Joey’s POV

I had to run! – I had to get away… leaving a brother like: “Kenny,” behind is a trait to our family. I-I didn’t mean for things to get out of hand. It was rather him or me… b-but I can’t go to prison. I have a- family… a real family, I’ve let her down. I’ve made issues arise from the horizons. The feds, they’ll be out to get me. They’ll want me locked up in a cell. Banged up for no reason!

As I dashed through the nearest alleyway, I knew the paths perfectly. The quick routes, the ways out from crime. I would always outsmart the police. I would always escape the crime. And if I ever broke a deal with some old friends, I’d always find a way to cover it up. Nothing gets me, nothing gets past me. I’ll let them take me to prison, for my life in-return. I want my life back…

*** Joey’s House ***

I had arrived at my house. Hardly a house, just some recycled structure. Broken down, windows smashed in. The door loose on its hinges, and rubble on the outside. Furniture, old furniture sitting outside in the narrow gardens; waiting to be burnt and crushed into pieces. My family, a wife – my girlfriend. I consider her my wife, I mean… she has given birth to a child, I have a daughter. Unlike the other College students I know, they don’t have a daughter or a kid to call their own. My wife’s name is: “Candace.” She means an awful lot to me, I had to go through hell to save her…

Using one of the removed windows, I hopped into the structure’s interior. Without meaning to… I scared my wife and my daughter. My entrances always scared them… I always patronised them with my presence… who can blame them for being like that, I am to blame for this. Letting them down, having to do crime – or get into trouble with the Law… I did it all… for my family…

“…J-Joey, you’re back?” Candace whispered.

She was shivering, scared. I couldn’t tell from what she was shivering from… the awful structure we live in. The bad temperatures in this place… I mean, we ran away from home. It was a family decision, my father doesn’t care whether I’m safe… he’s just happy I’ve moved out. He’s a mean man, he got my mother locked up. She’s suffering because of him, and missing “Life.”

Candace lost her dad due to the army. In war, died as a solider, fighting for our country. Her mother, well apparently… she was abandoned by her mother. She was placed in an orphanage. And then… she went to a care-home. As she grew up, I helped her escape that horrible place…

“…Yeah. I’m back for now, b-but I need you to look after our daughter, again... I-I’m sorry…”

“Sure… anytime… did you get anything, any of the good stuff?” She asked whilst coughing.

“I-I got you… I got—I’ve got nothing… b-but I’ll get you something…” I shivered.

“Remember, if anyone comes snooping around… you text me, got it?” I whispered.

She nodded. “Good…” I smiled at her.

Leaving through the window once again, I headed for the nearest store. Outside of the public area, I pulled out my phone. With my hood up, I searched my contacts for the brothers who’ll help me out. I searched until I found… “Abby” – I proceeded to text her. And sent her text message.

*** Text Message: Joey ***

…I’ve helped you, me and my family. Now you owe us, come to town. Make it quick, I’ve got to get myself—my wife, Candace needs food.

*** Text Message: Abby – 1 minute ago – ***

After what you’ve done to Kenny? Why should I?

She was right, Kenny is now dealing with an angry older sister. He’ll probably have the feds on his back. So I decided to change the way I played my cards. And rolled the dice, coming up with a new idea. A new card, and this card was an Ace in a hole.

*** Text Message: Joey ***

Fine, I’ll get Kenny out of that jam. Whilst you raid the store… got it?

*** Text Message: Abby – 30 seconds ago - ***

Sure x but I expect a payment from you Joey… I’m putting my life on the line for you and Kenny…

I switched off my phone, and ran back down the alleyways. Heading for Kenny’s position.

*** Kenny’s POV ***

Joey’s left me… that’s it, I need a drink! I need a drink-drink, right now… w-without a drink, I’m going to go crazy… it takes the pain away… I can’t take the ranting, the shouting coming from BIG MOUTH up there! – She is making me feel pain, a whole lot of it… we’re supposed to share pain, Abby! You promised me… no matter how hard it would get, I’d always have you to rely on…

“Get off my property! G-get off it!” (Distant echoing voices)

Everything around me became blurry. The face of Ellie’s sister, and the smoke made me choke. My throat felt dry, and my vision was getting worse. I collapsed on the floor, watching distant flames spread around Ellie’s house. The older sister still hadn’t gotten out of the home, is she stupid?! She then blurred out of my vision, and I saw her covering her face. As she ran towards me, leaving the house to set-alight. Joey’s ruined Ellie’s home… what have you done, Joey!

“Get up! -- *cough* -- get up!” (Distorted voices)

I let the voice carry me, everything blurred out. My vision faded, and I just saw pure smoke everywhere. And then, Ellie’s sister, her face had pushed through the smoke. She looked stunning, but… she saved me? – Has she saved me? Or, am I in heaven?

“Kenny! – Kenny!” Joey’s voice sounded distorted.

*** Joey’s POV ***

Kenny’s face… oh man… it looked bad. Covered in smoke, some of his face looked badly burnt. He wasn’t talking, he was just waving his two hands in-front of his face. And he smiled strangely, ignoring my voice. And Ellie’s sister, there she was… helping him, saving him from the fire. The fire I had caused… I didn’t mean for this happen, it was an accident. A moment of weakness…

As I was about to reach out, and reveal myself to Ellie’s sister and Kenny. Sirens interrupted the emotional scenery. I hesitated to approach Kenny’s body just lying in Ellie’s sister’s arms. She really cared about him, or, she just knows how to deal with hurt people. Injured people… she looked worried, and afraid that she had lost him. The sirens finally approached me, they sounded way too close. I didn’t run, I wanted to… b-but I didn’t. I stood my grounds, and waited for the police to show up. And the emergency services… all of them, I just couldn’t run away from this…

*** The Emergency Services Arrived ***

“Right, Move, move, move! Give him some room!” The paramedics screamed.

The shoved past, and not long before the fire engines came. Two of them.

The police is all that remained to show-up. And… they did, five minutes late.

“Stay where you are! Hands up, now! Now!” They surrounded me.

I put my hands up, staring into the fires I had caused. Feeling regret, and feeling sorry for the people I’ve end up hurting. I accepted defeat, and let the police search me, and arrest me.

“—we’ve got one, a male, adult. He looks to be around ’18.’” An officer spoke on his radio.

“Last seen him running through multiple alleyways, heading for the ‘town.’ He is now under submission, and we’ll bring him back to the station.” The officer continued.

As they searched me, they took away my phone. And the phone had to beep, it just had to beep at this precise moment… Abby, she had to text me. She had to blow her cover… she’ll be going down too… and I’ve learnt, just from this. Even the innocent ones can get caught…

(I read the name-ID of the officer looking at my phone.) Sargent Street.

“We have confiscated his phone. And it seems to have several missed messages.” He whispered.

“Bag it up, we’ll bring it back to the station.” The Sargent said.

Before I knew it, I was being hand-cuffed. I stared at the fires being put out by the fire-services. And watched Ellie’s sister talk to some of the officers. Whilst Kenny was wheeled into an ambulance. I looked down in regret, and fear of going to prison.

“We’re arresting you on suspicion of ‘theft and assault.’ You don’t have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be taken down and given in evidence.” He spoke in a deeper voice.

After that… I was dragged to the police van, and put inside. Ready to visit the station…

*** Abby’s POV ***

I’ve tried to text Joey, I’m not going through with it. I can’t accept his apology for what he has done to Kenny. I’m going to speak to Kenny, I need to talk to him. I need to be there for him. On my way back towards our hideout. I saw Ellie, she was sitting on a swing in the darkness. In the park, just watching the flickering lights from down the hills.

“Ellie? A-are you okay?” I asked.

“A-Abby? No way! What’re you doing here?” She replied.

“I’m j-just walking back from my aunt’s house. She made me a cooked dinner, couldn’t turn it down.” I lied.

“Oh… well, if you see my sister, can you tell her – I’m coming back late, tonight.”

“Sure… I’ll tell her, if I see her…” I smiled.

“…Oh… and Ellie?” I broke the vowel of silence.

“Yes?” She asked.

“Sarah… she’s at the police station. She caused an offense… she hurt me, tried to abuse me…” I lied.

“Abby… w-why didn’t you tell me this sooner? Forget it, I’ll cancel my night out with Kyle.”

“Kyle? – How did… w-wait! When did Kyle ask you out?” I asked.

“I don’t know… j-just got a text from him, and apparently we’re going to see a movie…”

I walked away with a smile, ignoring her last sentence. Leaving her to swing alone, I rushed towards Ellie’s house. Ellie’s sister needs to know what she told me. ‘Ellie staying out later than usual.’ When I arrived at Ellie’s house. I saw the commotion, fires being put out. Rubble over the floor, and a garden that looked severely burnt.

I could see Police cars, and Police vans parked outside Ellie’s house. All the sirens were off, but… it looked as if the fire that Kenny reported to me. It had been worse than he described it. And who’s been arrested? I ran to the police van, only to be stop by police officers. They had to talk to me, they just had to ruin a soon to be perfect night…

‘Excuse me young lady, back off from the barriers please… stand back!’ The officer shouted.

“B-but… I want answers!” I screamed.

He shined his flashlight on my face, I almost became blind with the amount of light bouncing off my eyes. ‘Ah, it burns!’ I would’ve shouted.

“And you are, Miss?” The officer asked.

“I’m… I’m- a friend of whoever maybe in danger…” I whispered.

“Ah… s-so you don’t have any relation to this incident?” The officer laughed and walked off.

Before I could even talk to the officers, get some details on who’d been arrested. I weren’t informed, I should’ve just lied… b-but I don’t feel that it was anyone I knew… I m-mean, the only guy who could be arrested is, Kyle?

Joey’s POV

At the station, I should’ve known. They only wanted me as a suspect. I didn’t hurt anybody! – I was there to pick up the pieces. I returned to save a friend-in-need. And now… and n-now you expected me to be banged up in prison?! I shouted with fear of going to prison. I can’t go to jail, nobody can go to jail! I get it…

*** 3 Hours Later ***

“Joey, you still haven’t told us your full name… Sir, you do realise that this will only extend your sentence in this place.”

“I-I understand… I have n-nothing to say… bang me up in prison, lock me away… and throw away the key!” I shouted.

“Joey, relax… just tell us your full-name. And make an effort, you have nothing to back-you-up on the evidence we have on you. You’ve been found to be carrying drugs…” the officer informed me.

“..No! It’s a lie—you can’t make up shit like that! I didn’t do anything!” I screamed.

“Officers, put him away in the holding cell… we’ll talk to him when he calms down…”

(Locked away in a so-called Holding-Cell, I had to meet others… other people, other students….)

Ellie’s POV

“Abby, I-Is that you?” I cried.

She looked my direction and chosen to ignore me. She didn’t reply, she just stood there in horror. Watching the ambulance take away the wounded solider… and then, we both saw the investigation officers going inside the house and searching around the area… early days. B-but they’ll learn the truth. Kyle is innocent, and Joey is… I-I don’t even know anymore!

Abby finally came over to me, she looked depressed. Her expression was froze on her face, devastation. She froze in position and sat beside me, I relaxed my back against the wall. As the siren lights reflected off our wet faces. We were both soaked in tears, we weren’t different, we could’ve been just friends… l-like we were, until she made up lies, made me feel like a monster to the world.

“Abby, tell me that you’re alright… let me know that you have sympathy for me…” I cried.

“..Sympathy… f-for you? No-way! You didn’t even bother…” she replied cold heartedly.

“..h-how cruel are you, Abby? – I know more about you, than you do yourself…” I replied.

“Oh really… t-then why aren’t you picking up the pieces? Why are you letting them take away everything I had left?” Abby sobbed.

“…I shouldn’t have to… they’re in the wrong, and you know it. You doubt yourself way too often! You stopped me, remember? You allowed me to survive, instead of the cuts… and all the pain!”

“…Really? That is nice… good to see one of us has a heart. A heart that still beats with feelings…”

“Passionate, kind, friendly… you’re all those things, Abby!” I cried into her left arm.

She pushed me off her, and spoke in a cruel tone. “You are nothing more than a wannabe!” – “You could’ve saved someone, you’ve done nothing to help me. You’ve just left me to find out last minute.”

“It weren’t planned… I can’t make you see it my way! Can I?” I whispered; tears rolled down my eyes.

She laughed with sarcasm. – She shoved me into the wall and stood up on her own two feet.

“You’re an evil… p-piece of shit! – Kyle’s dead… let it be known, hey?” Abby shouted.

(Abby was never so heartless… she always had kindness, and a friendly attitude. She picked up the pieces for me. She even made an effort where my sister had failed… she filled in the blanks. Heck, she made my life feel more… reloaded, and with our little moment, a little reunion under the night sky. She just pulled the trigger… and refused to let go.)

“He isn’t dead… you just want me to feel as bad as you do… go home, Abby!” I sobbed.

“I’ll leave it in your own pathetic skull… make some friends, why don’t you?” Abby laughed.

“Get some rest… a-and wake up feeling happier. This night never happened!” I whispered.

(In all fairness, she was right about me being pathetic… b-but she had no right to talk down to me. I’m not trash, nobody is!)

“I’ll v-visit Kyle f-for you… he’ll want to know all about this!” She continued laughing.

(It was clear to me, she was suffering from fear and regrets… I should’ve just stayed with her. Walked her home, but I don’t remember her ever needing me to walk her anywhere. She has a backbone!)

Abby’s POV

I walked away from the crime scene, and walked away from an old friend. She needed to know that Kyle is a freak… he has its ups and downs. B-but he never makes room for her, and he never made room for me. Not perfectly, he tried to… but he failed to keep hold of me. I’d end up falling every night. And he’d look down at me, like I’m worthless… he made me feel violated and mentally disturbed with myself. If anything, that night, he changed me… I don’t know what is right or wrong anymore… he just made me think about the hard times… and all the rocking around, he made up for.

*** Phone-Call From: Joey ***

“Abby… y-you won’t believe it, I’m in a Holding-Cell…”

“No you aren’t! You can’t be… Joey, why are you calling me?”

“No reason. I don’t expect you to believe me, I found it hard to believe too!”

(He sounded excited, it was as if… we were both screwed up in the head.)

“Why aren’t you… you know, coming home?”

“Did you not hear me? I said, I’m in a Holding-Cell!” He laughed.

“Stop raising your voice! – You have no idea what I’m going through!”

“Jeez… you really need to get out more, like a whole lot more…”

“What’s that supposed to mean? – I’ll just tell Kyle where you are, okay?”

“Na… he can’t know, he’s so weird… I don’t even know you. Alright, al-right?!”

(The sound of Joey’s voice became distant, and it faded.)

“…Kyle can know… tell him!”

(The sound of Joey’s voice came from the phone right?)

*** Phone-Call From: Kyle ***

“No… I c-can’t talk to you, not now… j-just wait for me, please…?”

“.. Why did you leave me with officers?”

“They’re feds! What is wrong with you?”

“I’ve got two missed calls from Ellie… and apparently, you’re making her life miserable…”

“Since- s-since when have ever cared about her, anyway?”

“I don’t… I-I just don’t like to see my ex’s hurt, you know?”

“Get over her, get over yourself… call me back later, yeah?”

“Huh… I can’t, sorry… there is no later, just go visit Joey.”

*** The Phone Cut Off ***

*** Phone-Call From: Ellie ***

(I Ended Her Call.)

Missed Message: Kyle’s dead?

(I ignored her messages.)

Missed Message: Answer me, just tell me about please!

(I became hesitant to call Ellie, she needed to know. I’m being heartless, she was right about that.)

Missed Message: Kyle’s not dead… he is here and you aren’t why?

The dark night sky became Ellie’s words over my head. Horrible rain pelted down heavily. My only near-by shelter to get away from storm brewing; was nothing more than an alleyway.

Kyle’s POV

“Tell her… tell her everything… I want her here. Make her see true reasoning…”

Missed Message: I-I’m lost…

“..And when you see her, -- you know what to do…”

Ellie’s POV

I texted Kyle, the weather was getting pretty bad. The sound of thunder rattled my head. I became a little frightened of the night ahead of us. And then… morning will hopefully redeem my worries…

Missed Message: I’m lost… come get me

Joey’s POV

“Good-bye world. Prison life was always for me… I saw it coming, I did! I fucking did!”

Sarah’s POV

Missed Message: Kyle’s okay. Thanks for caring…

I looked at my last message to Kyle, it dated back to 3 weeks ago. We hadn’t spoken much since then. I’m reporting Abby and her pathetic gang… I’m not having them, the wannabes push me around. You bully me, and you suffer in groups. My daddy will have their asses on a plate. Not literally… he doesn’t work like that. He likes pork though. (Don’t get any ideas…)

*** Phone-Call From: Kyle ***

“..Sarah? No way! You actually answered?”

“Shut up, Kyle… tell Abby this! I’m suing her ass…” I laughed.

“Of course… you tell her yourself, though. I’m going to visit Joey…”

(End of Call)

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