Hey Becs!

Would you want to know everything said about you behind your back? Bec developes an extremely rare ability the day she turns 16, allowing her to hear every single word said about her within a close distance. Bec's impressive abilty becomes frustratingly overwhelming as her story progresses.


3. Overwhelmed

Bec frowns as she wanders back along the lawn to the front door. Jeremy's now standing in the door frame, he's crossed his arms and frowning too. "You're such a weirdo Bec, and people say I'm the kid". As if to prove himself wrong, he trips when he turns back inside. "Loser" Bec says flately before he can pick himself up of the floor. "Whatever, weirdo" he says and wanders back into the house.

Bec walks back to her room, still in shock. She sits on the edge of her bed, legs dangling over the side, resting her elbows on her knees. "What the heck was that?" she asks no one in particular.

Then she hears voices again, Bec stands up and frantically looks around the room. But she cannot find where the sound's coming from. She covers her ears with the palm of her hands, trying to block out any noise. But this doesn't help. The voices are still so clear! She knows these voices, "What if she doesn't want a new phone?, I mean, we bought her one only a couple of months ago, we should've gotten her something else."That was her dad's voice!

Bec's hands are now shaking on either sides of her head. "Of course Bec will want a new phone. I know she will". That was her mum!

Bec drops her arms and rushes towards the other end of the house, to her parents bedroom.

"Mum! Dad!" "Mum!" Her voice sounding frantic as she beats her fists against their bedroom door.

"What?" Her mother says flately as she opens the door.

"I heard you! and I was in my room and it was so loud and I don't know how and I don't know what's happening!" Bec's hands start to tremble and her mothers face fills with concern.

"Calm down Bec, What happened?!"

Bec's dad walks out from in the bathroom, "What's happening?..?" He says before looking across at Bec.

"Look at Bec! She's shaking like crazy!" . Her mum continues. "What happened Bec?!"

Bec's response is only a terrified look. She can't think straight. The world seems strange now, she remembers what she feels like after blowing up quite a few balloons, .. lightheaded. Bec feels like she's been given a shot of energy and dizziness at the same time.

A few minutes later.

Bec's now sitting on the edge of her parents bed, her mum just left to fetch the phone and her dad's elsewhere. She looks around their room. "What's happening, what's happening, what's happening" she says aloud. ..

"Bec?" .. . Not More!, Bec considers yelling for her mum, but this time, the voice is adressing her directly. The first two times, the conversations were about her (the two girls gossiping about her family, and the second time her parents were argueing about a present), .. now the conversation is with her!

"Bec, Bec?, I know you can hear me. Just be calm and listen carefully".

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