Lost and want to be found

A girl, Ivy falls. Has lost her way. Can Eian Kelly help her find her way back?


2. I think we are moving

I felt shivers all up my spine, when dad said "Ivy, I'm sorry honey. But me and your mother have decided that." Dad was cut off my mom "That... That we are going to move. You know.. to somewhere better." Somewhere better? Whats better than what we have now. We dont need to move, no never. " Mom, dad! Move. Somewhere better! Dont you think we are already living pretty good, dont you think? Cause I do!" I start to huff and puff. "Honey, what we are saying. Is we are moving because. I got a better job. We are moving the 18th." That was exactly 2 weeks from now. Well considering I really dont have any friends, but Audre. And we really dont even talk. So what do I really have to worry about? I may make new friends at this new school, or not. I'd just rather be alone.

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