songs and poem's

Just some poem's I write and maybe some songs if I can find my note book


7. my one direction poem

I wake up smelling the food

I get up and think if Niall Horan was here he would eat all the food

He would just be like is there anymore and I would say yes we do 

I would get him some more food

And keep him company


When I eat carrots I think of louis

Of how louis loves his bird kevin

When I see a pigeon I think

Is that kevin or his relative 

Be he might lead me to louis


When I see a mirror I think of zayn

How he likes to fixs his hair

How he has a wonderful singing voice

His wonderful saying



When I see a spoon I think of how liam hates spoons

I might still use them

But he might never will again 

So I will make sure to send him forks every now and then


When I think of how my cat is so hairy I always think of Harry

His smile

His warming heart

His personality

I know that he does not get to angry I know that he might never love me

But I still live him


I know that I love one direction 

The thing is when I think of them I know that they will probaly not date me

But I still love them

Zayn is engaged

Liam is dating

Louis is dating 

Niall might be dating

And harry might be dating but still they have some one and I am happy for them

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