Demi and Niall attend school together, with Demi having a hopeless crush on Niall. Niall, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with Demi. Read through to discover Nemi.


1. Niall

Often girls drool over me, and I don’t mind it. But there’s just one girl who keeps drooling over me, and it gets rather annoying. Her name is Demi Lovato. She can’t stop staring at me and I’m certain she has a picture of me somewhere in her locker, though of course I haven’t seen it yet. The thing is that she’s different than other girls though, very different. She never talks to me like other girls in love with me… when she does it’s because she has to. She seems to avoid me too. She avoids everyone.

Usually I see her sitting in a corner of school doing homework pretending to be invisible, only looking up when I pass. Her eyes seem to plead with me every single time. Sometimes she has tears in her eyes, as if she’s purposefully trying to break my heart, but it won’t work. There’s been too many girls pretending to cry because I didn’t give them the attention.

“Niall James Horan!” My mom called from downstairs, her Irish accent shrill. “You better be doing homework!”

Great. How did she always catch me off-guard when I was studying? It’s like she was tuned into my brain and knew when I was daydreaming!

“I am!”


I didn’t reply, just returned to my new textbook: maths 12. School started just over two weeks ago, and already we have been given too much work. Too much….


written by Iloveniallandwriting

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