The one thing they didn't know...

My names Dania and I have a secret no one knows except for me and another person. I hope I never see that other person again. My wish will probably never come true.


1. The news....

   Dania's P.O.V

Beep! Beep! Beep!



I slam my hand on the snooze button. Ugghh...I have to go to school today. Thank God I'm graduating in 2 days. I get to leave this hell hole that I call my home town. Well, Hi my name is Dania Payne. I live in Wolver Hampton, United Kingdom or just England. I get to leave once I graduate.

I throw my sheets and covers off of me. I take my pillow out of my arms. Yeah I sleep with my pillow in my arms because I sleep alone in my lonely bed, in my quiet, dark scary apartment. I live alone. I got this apartment about a couple months ago. It was the only thing I could find cheap enough. I work at a music store where I sell instruments of any kind and Music, stuff like that. I love my job it makes my day way more interesting. You're probably asking 'how does she work if she goes to school'. Well I go to school for fucking 8 hours and then I have 2 hours to get relax and get ready. Then I work for 4 hours.

I get out of my cold bed and walk to the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror. I don't look that bad today. I usually have dark circles under my eyes and my eyes are bloodshot. My face is usually pale. I look dead most of the time. My friends are scared for me. Yeah I have the most amazing friends in the world. Their helping me get out of my depression state. Heather and Jessica are the best things that have happened since....Never mind I'm just gonna break down.

I grab my ponytail band hand wrap my dead black hair into a messy bun. I grab my tooth brush and brush my teeth. I take out my proactive from the medicine cabinet. I wash my face. I don't like makeup so I choose not to where it. I don't want to look like those skanky fake bimbos at school.

I grab my Black V-neck with a white tank top. I don't like showing cleavage. I grab my black skinny jeans from my bottom dresser drawer. I grab my purple lace bra and matching boy short knickers. I hate panties and thongs because they ride up your arse.

I get dressed quickly and grab my IPhone and head downstairs. I'm sort of anorexic. I don't eat at home when I don't have company over and if I do I just take this pill and puke it right back up. Through my years of school I have been bullied. So many horrible words have been thrown my way, including the word fat. That word always gets to me.

I check the time on my phone, 7:45 it reads. I grab everything I need for school. It only take me about 5 to 10 minutes to school. I also cant afford a car. I make my way through the hot streets of Wolver Hampton with the brisk warm wind running through my hair. It's summer so that explains a lot.

I walk into school and walk to my homeroom class. I spot Heather and Jessica sitting right next to each other. They see me and wave me over. I smile and walk over to them. I sit next to Heather. "What's up you guys." I say. "Dania you look a lot better today, your face is glowing." Jessica compliments. "Thanks, I feel better. When I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror I was shocked at how I looked." I smiled at them. "Dania did you eat this morning?" Heather always asks that question. She is older than me so she takes the motherly role in my life. "Ummm...Yeah." I say slowly, obviously making it a lie. "Dania you are lying to me. You are a twig. You only weigh about 85 pounds. Ami correct?" She asks in a stern voice and raises her eyebrow. "Actually 75." I whisper under my breath, but I know she can here me. "Exactly. I advise you to eat a whole cake today." She always to try and act like my doctor. It's quite funny. I nod my head with a smile on my face. I love her.

"Ill be right back I'm gonna put my stuff in my locker." With that I walk out of the classroom and put my backpack in my locker and take the stuff I need for 1st to 3rd period. I put my phone up too.

I go back into the classroom right when the bell rings and I sit down quickly. After 5 min. we head to our first period. I have every period with Heather and Jess. We arrive at Math our first period. By the way the three of us are in AP everything except for PE, Art, and Music of course. We walk in and sit down. I always go to the very back and the girls don't because it just tells them I need space. I admit I'm very smart, but very quiet. I usually don't participate in anything. I do have a scholarship to the college of London. A full on scholarship where I don't pay a dime. I'm moving there in about a month. I'm so excited.





We're now in third period also known as P.E, athletics, gym, whatever you want to call it. Us three walk into the locker room and we change into our gym clothes. I put my hair in a ponytail. I wear a long sleeve shirt while everyone else where's short sleeved. It's because I've cut and know one knows about it except for Heather, Jess and me. I plan for it to stay that way.



We finish gym and It's time for lunch. They make pretty good food here. I have to eat at school because Heather monitors me. I take my tray with food on it and sit down where I usually sit. Jess and Heather soon join me. "So guess what Dania." "What?" I ask confused. "I got One Direction V.I.P passes and front row seats." She smiles widely. I get angry. "Well don't expect me to come." I say with attitude and my arms crossed. "Dania you are coming. You never go anywhere, but to school and your job. Your coming with whether you like it or not." Jessica says sternly. I give in. "When is it?" I ask and Heather and Jess smile big. "Tomorrow." Heather answers. "Ill pick you and Jess up and 5:00 tomorrow." Shit I forgot about my job. "What about my job?" I asked the two girls in front of me. "Your boss loves you he'll let you take tomorrow off." Jess says. She was right. I love my boss he's like my second dad because Heathers dad is my first. I don't like Jess's step dad. Anyways, Popi that's what I call my boss, he's always helped me with anything I needed. He knows about my eating disorder and my cutting. He's also another person that has helped me stop.




After School at Job...

"Hey Popi can I take tomorrow off? Heather and Jess want to take me to a concert." I walk into his office. "Yeah sure pumpkin, have fun and you can go now I'm closing early." He smiles at me. "Thanks popi." With that I walk home.



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