The Black Door...

Caleb, Calvin and Crystal Jones are siblings, with not much to smile about these days. They live in a poor area of the city, which also happens to be one of the darker neighborhoods on that side of town. Getting to school everyday is an uphill battle due to the rival gangs. Their mother Carol, is hard working woman barely at home; she works two jobs just to make ends meet. To make matters worse, the three are constantly at each others' own throats. That is, until one rainy night when they discover a mysterious black door that leads them into a strange world--a beach. There, a red-light house sits on one end, emitting a laser-like beam across the ocean, which is white as milk. The sky is always gray, the sands are black as coal. What is this crazy place? ***Another entry into the "World's Apart" Contest, under option three***


3. Monsters On the Beach

Icy winds ruffled his sweater and his sweat pants. His short dreads flailed at his ears softly. Beside him, Crystal grabbed his hand and squeezed it, her entire body shivering from the cold. The smell of salt water assaulted their nostrils. Rushing waves slamming onto the shores filled his ears. Calvin and his sister stared out at his surroundings in terrified awe. He was speechless. An entire beach stood before him. A towering, bright red lighthouse sat numerous miles ahead on the opposite end. The ocean was white, resembling something like a sea of milk. The ground under feet felt smooth and grainy, close to sand, however it looked more like dirt or coal crushed down to a fine powder. Bulky storm clouds drifted past them in the sky, thunder boomed in the distance over the raging waters. He was expecting to crawl into a dusty ass bedroom with nothing in it but a few windows, but…                                

“What is all this?!” Calvin shouted, glancing around. Mom couldn’t have planned this!

A few feet behind him, a rocky cliff loomed, casting an ominous shadow over them; the open entrance from Crystal’s closet was still open, partly hidden within a cave.

“This shouldn’t be here,” Crystal mumbled. She yanked her brother’s hand. “Let’s go back!”

“Look at the water! That’s crazy!” Calvin ignored her, dropping her arm and walking off toward the ocean.

“This isn’t our world!!” She cried, yelling at her brother while he continued to wander further away. She exactly what this place was. It’s just as her friend explained.

“This is where—”

“Where the monsters live?” Asked a female rattling voice.

Her stomach plunging, Crystal spun around, coming to face to face with a being that looked exactly like her, right down to her clothes. Wavy hair, same long sleeved shirt, skirt and socks, except they were all strictly black and white. Her skin was a dark gray tint, its eyes soulless and empty. No pupils or irises.

Crystal’s eyes widened in horror when the monochrome creature grinned flashing its teeth, which were similar to a shark’s. Before the little girl could utter a whimper, a black scaly tail emerged from behind the monster-clone. The dry appendage shot towards her, coiling around her head tightly, then lifted her body off the sand, acting as a gag to keep her from being too loud. Tears streamed down Crystal’s cheeks her feet dangled helplessly over her captor. Facing the creamy sea in the distance adjacent to her, she noticed another monster, one that looked exactly like Calvin, was standing over her brother, cackling wildly. Caleb crossed her thoughts. They shouldn’t have waited… She needed him. She didn’t want to die!

“Aw, don’t cry little girl. Accept this as a welcome gift…”

Crystal could barely react as the creature lunged for one of her legs, sinking her dagger-teeth deep into the girl’s flesh. Blood gushed from her wound, soaking her stockings and she hollered out in muffled agony.

“Enjoy your stay in monster world,” The wicked gray double looked up at her, growling as Crystal’s essence dripped from her plump lips.

“You’ll be here for the rest of your life.”

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