Into the Cold

A completely un-conformed poem, written as it came. It's based on my walk home every night after work, through my small, silent village.


1. The Walk Home

Into the cold, into the dark, to begin the walk home,

Past strangers walking with their heads down,

Daring no more than glances, for fear of seeming rude.

Let's look directly at them, do you think they mind?


We walk past shadows reaching across the streets;

Claws attempt to snatch, monsters ooze down walls

Can you see the red eyes watching?

Peering at you through the bars.


The cold bites your hands and cheeks,

Yet makes you feel so alive!

Let's shrug off the winter's coat, and then you will feel the cold

Filter through your thin jacket, and raise goosebumps on your skin.


But too soon, you are home, back into light,

Back into warmth, back into

Harsh, cold reality.

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