Stanlords School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Melony Fawn has a life and this is her story.


1. Dear Diary...

August 19th - 10:18am

Diary- Okay so I'm not your typical girl. This isn't your typical life. I'm human (duh) and I wanna be a fashion designer. So maybe in a sense, of a way, I am typical. Here's just some facts on me-

Name-Melony Fawn

Age-10 3/4

BFF- Jessica Lawrence & Sara Young 

Favorite Colors-Black & Blue

Favorite thing to do - Drawing

It's simple, plain, it's me all in one! I'm in fifth grade but today's the last day of summer! Dun dun Dunn!!! I'll be a sixth grader. I turn eleven on the twentieth so I get to celebrate my b-day for 1/2 of the day at least. I am totally excited! I'm going to rule the school! My last year of elementary! I dunno, I guess I'm just kinda entertained by the idea. 

I've over heard my parents talking and well they sounded crazy!


Dad: *Thud*Nice! Try again without saying anything!

Dad:*Thud* Again that was nice. Tomorrow we should try a different one. 

By then I was halfway down to my room. I'm going to stay up until 12:00 tonight so I can celebrate turning 11! 

 Wanna be 11 years old,



August 20th- 12:00pm

Diary - I'm officially 11! Even though I wasn't born until like 8:08am... Anyways I'm tired. Night

11 year old me,










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