Married against her will

My parents and his parents decided that we would get married. On my wedding day, I met him for the first time. I knew what I had to expect. My new name was Emma Tomlinson and I hated it.


33. Chapter Twenty five - Finally

Late one winter day were all gathered in the church. I saw how everyone got squeezed to fit in the pews. I smiled at them and I walked slowly towards the altar. There, in front stood the man I loved and the man that I wanted to share my life with. Niall smiled at me and I saw tears of joy in his eyes. We had a simple wedding, but we both felt that the most important thing was that we got each other. I saw at him that he was taken by the gravity of the moment. I saw that he loved me and I felt loved. Maura sat holding Angel in her arms. My child laughed lightly when she saw me and I heard her say "mama". I smiled at her, but walked over to Niall. He took my hand and looked deep into my eyes. 

"I love you!" he mimed and gave me a light kiss on the hand. I giggled and then we turned around to the priest. He talked about God, Jesus, and about marriage. I once had already heard the words and I listened with half an ear. I didn't care about what the Bible said, I cared only about what Niall wanted and he wanted me. 


"You may now kiss the bride!" 
I threw myself on Niall and I kissed him with all my heart. I took my arms around his neck and I felt him softly answered the kiss. My whole body tingled and I didn't want to finish the kiss. The priest had to clear his throat. We ended the kiss and heard the whole church rejoiced. I looked at the employees and only some relatives were present. We wanted to start over and we didn't have with my old family there. My dad didn't want to talk to me and my mom was gone, but there was no loss. I had a new family. I now belonged to the family Horan.


"Do you regret it?" Niall whispered in my ear. I laughed lightly. 
"It should be you who change your mind?" 
He shook his head and looked into my eyes. 
"No, you're the best thing that has happened to me." 
I took his hand and pulled him onto the dance floor. 
"Shall we dance the waltz?" 
Niall turned red in the face and he shook his head quickly. 
"Emma, ​​I can't dance." 
I looked calming at him and we stopped in the middle of the dance floor. I took his hand in mine and the other one I took on his shoulder. 
"Just follow me!" I whispered. Niall swallowed and I felt his second hand around my waist. 
"I really can't dance." 
I smiled and heard the music was launched. It was a wedding waltz, but it was anything but perfect. Niall step on my feet, but I just smiled at him. What was perfect was so boring.




At one time I had dreamed of this day. I know that not everything was as I imagined, but the end was as I wanted. Niall became my husband and we got more children. We lived happily at the mansion and we got the company go well. The employees stayed and they were grateful for everything that happened there. They got more money, better homes and they praised me because I cared.


Liam came back and he helped us with everything. He was happy that it all worked out and he stayed on the farm for several years. Louis ended up in prison. I never visited him, but rumor said he had found Harry and they again were a couple. I don't know but I hope he's happy.






The end...



Thanks to all who read this story. 

I hope you like it and leave a comment!


It was more than I had planned. I know that the plot sometimes derailed, but at the same time I'm pleased. I'm a little crazy and maybe the story's just as crazy as me?


And for those who are disappointed: It's just a fictional fanfic.

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