Cracked Visions

The only thing Rylee has is the old, abandoned house she was left in, and video tapes that were left with her. These aren't any ordinary family home videos. They're video proof of the gruesome murders that her parents were involved in. Growing up watching these videos alone, Rylee must make a choice-- Be a better person than her parents... or follow in their footsteps, either way she needed to leave a dent in the world. With the help of Ethan, Sean, and 4 year old Nico, Rylee will make history.


1. 3 Days in a Box

"I wonder what's going to happen when someone finds this” Rylee looked in awe over the woman who she thought was her mother. She was left with just a couple of tapes to set as the memories of her mother. She was amazing, her eyes were green, and she had pretty long hair.

"Infamy! I can see it now! Damien and Raven: Butt fucking the world, one victim at a time!" She assumed this was her father’s voice. She didn’t like his voice very much. It sounded cold-hearted, but was eased with his sense of humor.

Rylee, as she went by, was completely unidentifiable. She didn’t know if Rylee was her actual name, or just something she made up in her mind; she didn’t even know how old she was. She just knew that she had the same green eyes and curves that she saw in all the tapes she had. The tapes were gruesome, but they were like home movies that she’s been watching since she was very young. She’s been too scared to go much of anywhere, just stay in the abandoned house she’s always lived in. She’d been here as long as she can remember.

She was all by herself, and the house was huge. It carried the loneliness in the walls. The only thing she had to keep her company was the few tapes she had and the blood on the walls; it marked where her parents had been. This house had memories in it, that she wasn’t a part of, but could rewatch anyways.



Damien smirked, "You want to go home?"

The victim nodded as she drew her legs up to her chest and stared pitifully into Damien's eyes. In this moment, there was a slight glimpse of hope that passed the girl, as she hoped that maybe, just maybe Damien would empathize with her and let her go. Damien gave a reassuring smile as he approached the girl and offered her his hand. Weakly, the victim outstretched her arm, and Damien began to pull her up. Right as she began to relax, Raven came in and knocked her back down. Raven jumped on top of her, her mouth close to the girl’s ear, “You want to go home? You want to go home, you stupid bitch? Well you can’t? You want to know why? Because you and cumdumpsters like you entertain me. You are how I make my living.” Raven traced her hand down the girl’s side, making her cringe. Warren couldn’t even make himself look.

“You know what we’re going to do to you? Maybe we’ll have some fun before we end your life. You wanna have some fun?” Raven laughed inhumanly. Damien pulled Raven off of her, and helped the girl back up. But she retaliated, “You’re all fucked! All of you! You son of a bitch! You crazy son of a bitch! Leave me alone!” She screamed. This enraged Damien, he hit her hard across the head.

The victim fell to the floor with a sharp thud, causing Damien to smirk. "Stupid bitch," he mumbled under his breath.


As a young child, Rylee would have to look in the trash in the alley behind the old house for food. That’s the furthest she would venture until she got old enough to realize that the garbage she found wouldn’t be enough to keep her alive. She would either beg for food, or steal some.


The victim slowly opened her eyes. Pain was tearing through her entire body as she tried to gather the strength to become reoriented with her surroundings. Her vision was blurry and she felt weak, but through her hazy vision, she managed to make out the outline of a woman sitting in front to her. She couldn't see much in her vacancy, she realized it was the woman who was just on top of her.

"Hey honey, that wasn’t nice, now was it?" The soft voice said as she placed her hand gently on the shoulder of the victim.

The blonde closed her eyes as she tried to take her mind off of the pain coursing through her body and figure out where she was. The ground beneath her was hard; like concrete and the air smelt heavily of rotting flesh. It was an unforgettable stench. As the girl became more and more conscious the harsh reality of her whereabouts began to take over. She suddenly knew, in that moment, she was probably going to die, and there was nothing she could do about it.



After the tape came to an end, she got up and walked out the door to look for food. It was late enough people wouldn’t have to be a bother to her. She walked a few blocks, to the back of a restaurant that she found had the best food thrown out about 2 months ago. To her displeasure, there was somebody already there.

“Who are you? And what are you doing in my spot?” Rylee said with a sense of defiance.

“Why does it matter to you?” the boy asked looking down. It wasn’t until then, that Rylee noticed tears streaming down his face. She’s never really met a boy before. She wondered what she should do, she saw three options; ignore him and pretend they had never met, take him home to kill like she saw on the tapes, or try to get him to stay in the house with her.

He was upset, and seemed to be as lonely as she was. And add in the fact that she had never killed anyone in her life, she didn’t know how. Maybe this boy could help her follow in her mom’s footsteps.

           There’s a tape she remembers seeing from when they went to find Warren’s girlfriend Kiara. They videotaped everything. They were in this same alley, but when they came across another person, they were a little less nice than what Rylee was to this boy. She wished she could be just like them and more.



As the two neared the figure, it revealed itself to be a woman, a homeless girl. She was a very average looking girl, and she didn't look a day over fourteen. The girl was holding a cup of change and a cardboard sign that read, "Very Hungry. Anything helps. -- God Bless".

"Awe, she wants change," Raven snickered as she continued walking toward the girl, "Let's go mess with her." She winked and smiled a sadistic smile.

Raven kneeled down next to the girl and Damien stood near her as he placed a hand on her shoulder. "Hey there," Damien greeted the runaway, trying to sound as non-threatening as possible.

The girl looked at the two figures on either side of her. She was having a hard time deciding if they wanted to help or hurt her.

"You want this?" Raven smirked as she pulled a twenty dollar bill out of her shirt and waved it in front of blonde's face. "What's your name?"

"Uh… Laura…" The runaway mumbled. Damien and Raven were beginning to scare her even more. "What do you um… want for that…?"



“Oh… Nothing really—sorry. I’ve never really talked to anyone before.” Rylee said sitting next him.

“Really? No one, ever?” He looked up in astonishment.

“Not really. I live in the big old house by myself. I don’t know where my parents are. I’ve been there for as long as I can remember.” He ran his hand through his red hair. It didn’t look like the same kind of red as any other redhead she’d ever seen. He turned his head to follow a noise going down the street. Just a barking dog in a car driving by. The light shone on the opposite side of his head, and that’s when she realized his hair was blonde. Then she remembered. The red wasn’t like other redheads she had seen… It was similar to what she’s seen in one of her mother’s videos. Rylee shuttered at the thought of this.


Raven grabbed the crucifix necklace around her neck.

"Awe, the little bible thumper's scared." Raven taunted as she grabbed the blonde's hair, "Alright, let's go Virgin Mary," Raven said as she grabbed the girl by the hair tighter and began dragging her off to a nearby backstreet with Damien following closely behind.


“What happened to your head?” She asked him.

“Bad things just happen to me. All the time. I’m used to it, it doesn’t hurt anymore.” He forced a smile, which was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen on these dark streets.

“Are you sure? Come with me, I can help clean it up.” She said, and held her hand out for him to take. He looked at it like it was something foreign that he’d never seen before. Although he was reluctant, he took her hand, and they walked back to the old house. Instead of bringing back food or money, Rylee brought back a boy.

They walked into the old house, and she sat him down on a chair in the kitchen. “So what’s your name?” Rylee asked him as she got a washrag wet.


“Oh. How old are you, Ethan?” She ringed the extra water out.

“17. What about you? You look like you’re 15 or 16,” Ethan observed.

“I don’t know how old I am. 15 maybe.”

“Funny,” He mumbled under his breath, “A 15 year old girl is less of a wuss than me.” He wiped the moisture off his eyes.

Rylee walked back over with the washcloth and as gently as she could, wiped the blood off as much as possible. She didn’t know where it was coming from, but she could feel maternal instincts kicking in. She hugged Ethan close, “What happened to you?”

“Nothing—It’s fine, really…” He replied. Rylee looked down, disappointed.

“I just—I just don’t know where I am going to go. I have no one.” He said.

She hesitated, did she really want him here? “Ethan, would you like here? With me?”


“Yea, but I need to show you something first...and you can’t question me or run. Okay? Do you promise to stay with me, forever?” Rylee had made up her mind, she didn’t want to be alone again. Not ever.

“Yes, I promise.” Ethan followed her into the den and she motioned for him to sit on the withered couch.

“I’m going to show you something. My mom lived here once, and she left tapes for me. I want you to see them.”



"How long has she been in there?" Warren inquired, even he was a little excited about what was about to unfold.

"Three days," Raven grinned.

"What do you wanna bet she's dead?" Damien wagered from the side.

The brunette looked down at the box then hit it hard, "Still there, bitch?!" There was no response. Raven looked back at Damien and then at Warren and raised her eyebrows. "What do you guys think?"

"I bet she's dead." Warren said dryly.

Raven got down from the box and scanned the kitchen for a knife to pry open the container that held their most recent victim. Damien reached into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out a switchblade that he passed along to the girl.

"She's gonna smell like shit, dude." Warren warned as Raven kneeled down and began cutting the layers, upon layers of duct tape that held the old box together and made escape nearly impossible.

"Shut up, Warren." Damien mumbled. While Warren and Damien were very good friends, they often annoyed each other. Warren never liked Damien's malicious nature, and Damien frequently became frustrated with the fact that Warren had a conscience. The two had an interesting relationship. But, regardless of their differences, they had a ‘bromance as Raven liked to call it.

After several minutes of cutting, Raven managed to throw open the flaps of the box and her face instantly lit up. Inside the box was Laura, the homeless girl Damien and Raven had harassed a few nights prior. There were several deep cuts along Laura's stomach accompanied by a handful of ugly dark-blue bruises but along with large stains of dried blood on the inside of her thighs, their trail leading behind the curve of her legs and out of sight. Laura's face and mouth had been taped over, and her arms bound tightly together with a rusty piece of barbed wire that was covered by more tape. Her once long and flowing blond hair was now matted with the blood and bile that covered what was visible of Laura's face. The rest of her body looked devastatingly malnourished and her skin had a pale hue to it.

The three stared at the body, completely fascinated with its deformations.

Damien laughed as he pulled Laura out of the box, "Holy shit! I can't even believe she's still alive!" Damien ripped the tape off of the girl's face. Laura wanted desperately to scream, but all she couple manage was a small choked sob. Damien chuckled again at the pitiful nature of his victim as he sat on top of her.

"Jesus Christ, what did you guys do to her…?" Warren mumbled as he got a better look at the girl's injuries.

"We did a really good job with her, huh?" Raven grinned, "Little bitch didn't even scream when Damien actually screwed her open stomach wound."

"Are you shitting me?" Warren inquired, trying to clarify what Raven just said. "He seriously stuck his dick in her stomach?"

"Yes." Raven confirmed matter-of-factly.

“That crazy freak!” Warren was shocked, even with what he knew about Damien, this report of his most recent atrocity surprised him. He couldn't help but feel bad for the girl.

"Make sure you get a good shot of her wounds, dude." Raven reminded Warren with a sinister smile as she turned back to Laura.

Damien was sitting on top of the girl, holding her face and using her mouth like a puppet. "I feel violated." Damien mocked in a high pitched voice, moving the blonde's mouth. "No, Damien, nooo!" Laura weakly tried to roll over and away from Damien with no luck. Her whole body was in excruciating pain. She could barely see she was so sore.

Raven kneeled down next to the girl, "Tell us you want to die," she hissed, leaning into the girl's ear

The victim's body quivered as she attempted to gather the strength to form a sentence. She really did want to die. In fact, death, at this point would be a blessing. "I-I want to die…" Laura finally choked out almost inaudibly.

Raven and Damien looked at each other. Damien picked up Laura and carelessly dropped her back into the cardboard box. Warren frowned as he watched Damien and Raven work to tape back over the box.

"What are you doing?" Warren asked as he raised an eyebrow, "I thought you were going to kill her."

"Oh we are." Damien grinned, "We're gonna bury her in the back yard. Well… Actually, your girlfriend is going to bury her."

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