My good friend hollie

Basically it's about one of my funniest friends who I have a laugh with. We have ups and down but she's always gonna be my mate even if she doesn't want to.


1. All about her love

Hollie is one of my best friends but I little bit loopy when it comes to crush or how she says it her "true love" which is David Tennent. for the people who don't know who he is his a famous actor I mainly remember him as the 10 th Doctor from doctor who. Yes I know what your all thinking a little weird to be inlove with a 42 year old man but I have to admit he was one of the best doctors.

Little bit weird, little bit freaky but not impossible yet VERY UNLIKELY. Oh and sorry for the other people who love David Tennent to "awkward" anyway but deep deep deep deep deep deep VERY VERY VERY deep she got to know its unlikely a married man is going to remarry to Someone who is 31 years younger than him. Every person has a dream and hers is to marry someone 31 years older than her awkward dream if you think about it oh well it's her dream and yes dream if you are reading this Hollie although it's not impossible it's very unlikely.

So what does Hollie think of Georgia Moffet or should I say Georgia Tennent I asked Hollie if she ever met her what would be her reaction or what would you say and she said "you husband that's my man that's right mine not your ALL MINE" ooh scary girl. Don't ever want them to meet wait yes I do that would be so funny aha good times.

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