Something wick, Cassidy?

It's about a wicked plan, he does say. She plans for the laugh at the end of revenge.
Author-I hope you guys like this, if you want me to continue please say or like.


3. The rose

2 months later ‘Today as I walking in the halls of misery, I thought of a wicked plan. They won’t see it coming but when they do see, they’ll ask why Cassidy? Its revenge in bag of tea begin dipped into plain hot water. Only one knows my plan and he swore he’ll keep his word till something reveals to him meaning something that says to tell. Well this is just the beginning of my wickedness, won’t be the last of me.’ This isn't the last of me? Aren't you dead? He asked himself as he continues reading that paragraph over and over. But no sense it bought. He dropped the dairy as the doorbell rang. He left the living room and stood right in front of the door. The person on the other side rang the doorbell once more. He opened the door in such sudden, to found a post man with a small box. ‘Are you John Dylan?’ The old post man asked,. ‘Yes, I am’ He said, as he studied the box and then the man. ‘Here, this is addressed to you and sign this’ old man said. ‘Have a good day’ the man said and left. He locked the door and ran across the house to the kitchen. He grabbed a knife and silted the box open revealing a black rose with a card. ‘John this rose is for you, my love -Cassidy' He gasped in shock, she was right. She’s still here, playing revenge right. But the question remains, revenge on whom? He learnt the rose was fresh. Who would send this? He asked. ‘I love you too Cassidy’ he whispered to himself.
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