Something wick, Cassidy?

It's about a wicked plan, he does say. She plans for the laugh at the end of revenge.
Author-I hope you guys like this, if you want me to continue please say or like.


2. Sometimes, the biggest secrets you can only tell a stranger

Two days later, the boxes arrived, the person was in shock. Everything was in there, even a card addressing to the person.

Dear, John

I told you, I was planning something wicked, but please don’t take this personal. Please don’t tell anybody you got those stuff, I want nobody to know. Know will know unless you tell, it can be our little secret. Remember you were the teller and I was the keeper, well this time you’re the keeper. Till there’s something that says you should relieve anything, you can do so then. John this isn’t the last of me, you’ll hear more from me.

Sincerely- Cassidy

The man held his mouth in shock; he didn’t ever think she would actually do it. But she did and she did it well. He heard she died from the media, since he keeps his distances. When he  found out he couldn’t actually believe so. He thought she would magically appear and laugh at the joke.  But know joke was it? Just a laugh for the dead.  He admired her, she knew everything about everyone but no one knew her. She would be the glowing face in the crowd; you wonder who that girl is? You do your researches and she already knows who you are. The face begins to not glow and slowly fades with the crowd, once you actually know her. He knew her and she did not like it at all.

He opened the boxes as he looked at everything, but his attention was stolen by her dairies.

Sometimes, the biggest secrets you can only tell a stranger

It had no date, but knew exactly when. The more he read, the more he was festinated by her.  But the doorbell stopped him.  He pushed the boxes behind the couch and left.

“Hello, how can I help you?” He said, as he looked around and then the person.

“Yes John you can” The lady walked straight into the house without an invitation. He closed the door as he walked behind her; she leaded to the kitchen and then stopped in her tracks.  She turned around, and her face went pinkish, as a tear fell.

“John, you knew her well. Please tell me?” She asked.

“You know that Clare I can’t tell you” He said as he rubbed her tears off.

“She’s dead, she can’t bite you” She said and then pushed his hands away.

“You clearly don’t know your daughter” He stated as a laugh made its way.

“You were the only person that knew her.” She said, as she sat on a tool.

“She’s everywhere, you can know her if you look around. She is still around but not presence.” He said as her stared at his palms.

“I tried but the more I seek, the less I was drawn from her.” She says, she stared straight ahead at the portrait of a simple art of a black rose.

“She knew others more then she knew herself. That scared her at times; she would never let anyone in. She was frightened if they could read her mind.” He said, “She was scared of me.” He added.

After a few minutes of silence the lady spoke“Nice speaking John” The lady stood off the stool and made her way to the affront door. She stood there waiting for him to follow. 

“She hid everything, everything that could tell you she existed. Now she’s just the fading image in your mind.” The lady said and left sight. He shut the door and made his way back to the boxes. ‘Well played Cassidy’ He thought, as he smirked.


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