just some work piece thats uncomplete that i did at school in english last year


1. .................................

I was running. I Knew he was not gonna be happy with me. I saw him by the lake so I slowed down to a walk. He turned and saw me. I stopped in front of him. “Where have you been Jessie?!” Jacob yelled at me. I stuttered “J-Jacob I-”. He cut me off. “No I had enough” he yelled throwing something to the ground. I stare at him in shock. “Jessie I’ve been here for nearly two hours!” he said. “Jacob I-I’m sorry” I say back. I look at him with sad eyes. He frowned. I sighed. He looked away from me. “Jessie” he said. “J-Jacob” I said softly. He sighed and walked away. I watched him. He mumbled a few words. I looked at the box on the ground .I picked it up. I stare at it. I looked up at Jacob. He looked back at me. I look back at the box. I open it. I gasped. Inside was a necklace. On the back. Was I love you. In silver writing. I ran after him. I found him. Standing on the dock. I walk closer to him. He turns. I stare. “j-Jacob” I said. He was crying.

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