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1. the princess of the sand

Hello my name is (sally) and when I was little I had 4 sisters after there came a man his name was gargol my dad needed to fight with him. My dad had an secret he said magic words and gargol felt asleep but it was not over. After 10 years I was 11 years old and my dad give me and my sisters our own castle now I am the princess of the dessert today it is the day that people from the other lands come to my castle my castle's name is okerbrucht and give an marked it is the third time in my whole live I have seen it because you need to wait four years.

On a morning...

Everyone woke up early on because I saw that the people from the marked where coming the people from the kitchen began to cook and my best friend (Lisa) helped me to take juice from a tree it was the nicer then every other tree in the world then my cousin ( ali ) said that the people of the marked are here then I came and say my speech (welcome everyone on okerbrucht after 2 days the marked begins. Everyone please go to the eat room. And have a fun week on my castle, thank you) just on that moment a man came and said that he was here for the marked. His name was Rubin blue when we were eating he told us a story about his road to okerbught he said to us that he comes from the South of the dessert and when he was sleeping his horse did go away so he needed to walk and the baddest thing was that his horse did go away with His things but I said that he can stay here for 1 week when it was beginning to be night everyone was going to there sleep room.

My secret from today is...

Dear dairy when I was little my dad needed to fight after that fight my dad maybe died my dad had magic words he did it in 5 part's each from my sisters has one and I have also one it is on the hillbilly moutons.

Now I need to sleep" bye ".

The next day...

In the morning I go to (Talla) that is an women that makes carpets. Everyone now her in okerbrucht because she always makes carpets with a meaning and her feelings. In the evening she showed us a carpet on it was a tree with a girl and a boy. After it I go to to Ali's sister her name is Sarah but she when is came there she was not in her room and I directly said it to everyone and when I was in her sleep room I saw that her bed was removed ooo no she did go out of the palace. I did not tell you that (talla has a new carpet!!! We ran so fast as we can to her room and she had a man on a horse with a golden

Shawl I ask to talla to see that other carpet and then I saw it that is by the fruit tree. We need to go as fast as we can to the fruit tree OK!!! Ali you are coming with me. Get the horses talla show the new carpet ( sure princess ) if you look good there is a woman on the back ooo that needs to be Sarah. The horses are ready OK ( let's go!!! )

2 hours later

iT has become night we need to find a place to sleep so we put on the tents and go sleep then we heard someone shouting ( help ) I waked up the others because I knew that voice it was SARAH !!! We packed our tents and go on our horses and they run as fast as they could. and then we saw a boy and girl but that is Sarah, they stopped there horses and ran to them ( what happened ?) she was bitten by a spider( she needs water)and we need to get fast okerbrucht. After 2 hours ridding we did get to my castle we need to see my grandfather Amar ( yes princess ) after a 3 minutes Amar came and said what happened ( we told him the whole story and he said to us he need some ingredients we were going to the liana academy there we found all what we needed when we came back Amar made the drank and Sarah was getting better then she told us she had a dream that fantasia was in a big trouble so she did go and get the the part of the magic words but then a blue insect did came and whisper in my ear that I need to give the part with the magic words to a man but I old not do anything because I was under a spell so I give it.


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