It's All About Wednesday

❝ It all started and ended with Wednesday. ❞


3. I.S.R

Papou died after three day and I never saw Wednesday again. Transparent umbrellas tower over heads as everyone stood at Papou’s funeral. All were dressed in mourn clothes. People bid their goodbyes as they’ve paid tribute to my grandfather. I accepted all the condolences together with my parents but all I felt were empty words. These people will soon forget about Papou and those words will soon vanish along with him. Papou’s gone and I was left alone to face the world. The day Papou died, he was asking me again about that girl who sends him flowers. But just as always I’d disappoint him by saying no. He said he wanted to meet Wednesday but I told him that I never saw her again. Since that day she fell into my room I watched her from my window. But the curtains from her window were always drawn. Sometimes, I’d see myself watching their apartment from across the street but she doesn’t come out. Not until Papou’s funeral that I get to see her again. I stood there alone facing Papou’s grave, wishing for his soul to come and drift by. “If I die one day, I don’t want R.I.P to be engraved on my tombstone.” She says as she stood by me. “And what would that be?” I asked as I watched the skyscrapers on my shoes get wet. Wednesday smiles. “I.S.R” I turn to her for an explanation. “I shall return.” She snickers and I smiled back. I think it would be rude of me not to. “I’m sorry for your lost.” She says when her laughter disappeared. “Are you?” “Well, I don’t know what you feel but I certainly have the idea that it isn’t a happy feeling to lose someone you love. But surely it doesn’t mean you have to stop with life.” “I think it’s his time.” I said bluntly. “You think everybody has their time?” I nodded. “That’s how life works. There’s a time to live and a time to die.” “We live and we die and yet we’re given too little of time.” She says as she watches Papou’s grave. “Maybe we’re just not spending it wisely.” She snorts as she turns to me. “How would you spend your time wisely?” I turn to her with a puzzled expression but then I shrugged. “I don’t know.” She grins up at me, takes my hand in hers and pulls me out of the cemetery. Maybe it’s true that when you lose someone dear to you it’s because you needed another space for someone new in your heart. And as we ran hand in hand out of the cemetery I felt something I’ve never felt before. It’s like a deep connection had been opened and was building in through our hands. I don’t know if I have the words to describe it but somehow in the pestering hurt inside of me comes a whole new and different sensation that heals the pain. It was like the touch of rain had washed everything that is known to hurt as we ran through the grasslands. I savored every breath the wind gives me as I surrender to its beat; I let the pain go with it. And as we both stopped running, we ended up under a tree in the middle of the field. It was like we’ve been running all along in the body of earth and we found a spot in its heart. Wednesday lets go of my hand and she lashes out, back into the rain. She tilts her head up, inviting the raindrops to her face. She closes her eyes as she outstretched her hands out wide and she starts to twirl around—dancing with the rain. Her black dress was already soaked and her wet hair plastered to her scalp. She turns to look at me and two pools of ocean colored eyes smiled at me. How is it possible that in a short period of time someone can make you feel so different and alive? What is it in that moment when you learn to fall in love that anyone could stop the world from turning and just remain intact? In that moment, I know my answer was just standing before me. I don’t know what it is that Wednesday has that makes the whole gravity of my world pull into her, but it was like she had been the missing puzzle piece to my incomplete puzzle set and she fitted perfectly. When she stopped twirling she steps back under the tree. “All right.” She says as she narrowed her eyes playfully at me. “I’ll give you ten days.” Startled, I gawked at her. “Ten days for what?” She purses her lips together as she places her hands behind her. And only then she took a step towards me. “Xavier, do you believe in miracles?” “Ah—no. I haven’t experience one. Why?” “You see this tree?” “Yeah. We’re standing underneath it.” “Do you know what tree this is?” If I’m not mistaken, “It’s a golden shower tree. It only blooms in summer.” I frowned at her. “Why are you asking me this?” “Because when this tree blooms after ten days, I’ll get out of your life. For the mean time while it’s not, I will let you in my life and have my time. But don’t worry it’s a fair bargain. I’ll still sabotage your life anyway.” She gives me a smirk. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” “I am not.” She says. “Besides, you look a little depress. I think you need a friend.” I scoffed at her. “Little?” “U-huh. It’s okay to be sad, you know. Besides again, most of us are a little broken too.” She winks at me with a smile. I think she never losses that trademark of a smile. “If you didn’t have the sad times you wouldn’t know how to enjoy the happy times.” “Oh-kay.” I said as I try to hide the questions ringing in my head like a telephone. “How did you know my grandfather died anyway?” She brings out a pretty smug face. “I volunteer at the hospital. And besides for the third time, my apartment’s right across yours, remember?” She smiles again. “So, starting now you may gate crash in my life. We’ll meet here every day starting tomorrow, okay?” And then I watch her walk away from me. I start to wonder as I walk home if what I felt towards her was fondness, puppy love or a silly infatuation. But then it all comes down to my heart when it started to beat for her in a different manner that it should not have been. I just met her twice and yet now I’m assuming to myself that I am in love with her. What more damage can it do to me after ten days? I guess that would be another problem to solve. She asked for ten days. There are ten days before summer comes and the tree blooms. And yet if there is one thing I was sure about this, that is: I wanted to see her. That night when I went to bed, it was not only Wednesday’s thoughts that visited me but also Papou.
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