The best friends?

The story is about the life of two BFF Liam and Gabrielle but land up having feelings for each other but decided not to say anything what happens now???!????


1. Gabrielle meet Liam

It was around the time before Liam auditioned for the x-factor show. Like maybe 3 years before...

Liam moved into a new neighborhood and right next door was a girl named Gabrielle. She was the same age as Liam and matter in fact she saw him the day before and thought he was cute! "Hi I'm Gabrielle " Liam was surprised she even spoke to him because see seemed to swagged out!!! "Hi I'm Liam,I just moved here the day before yesterday" Liam said. R u going to go to direction high? I said hoping it was a yea. Matter in fact I am I was just about to go school supply shopping and clothes shopping would you like to come along lad? Uhh I would love to!!!!

So Liam and Gabrielle went to the mall and found there selfs going into a cafe.they were talking about their lives and life as kids.

Liam's pov

I don't know if I should ask her out on a date or not. I mean she's pretty and funny but I don't know she's my first friend I've made since I got here in Phoenix..but I guess I'll wait until it's summer break since we got 3 days left and ask her to come and hang she just might be my new BFF that's a girl but I have major feelings now and don't know what to do hmm I'll ask soon maybe. Gosh she's so hott :)

Gabrielle's pov

Liam seems like a really nice guy. I've never met a guy who is interested in things I like especially music. He's kind if cute too but he probably doesn't like me anyways we've only know each other for a day or two but it could be love at first sight? That's it I'm going to ask him out so here goes nothing.

"Liam would you like to come over to my house tomorrow and chill" gabby Said."I'd love too " oh and one more thing Liam would you like to go out with me ? Gabby said .

Too be continued ...

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