The long lost love

It's about a couple who didn't know each other would fall in love with each other after meeting once in there life after few years of not being talking to each other. Seeing each other. But they fall madly in love with each other.


2. is it over?

So I left him alone every day that year.. Then that summer my school closed down and open a new one and his old school closed too. So your school joined now our school is called wild chicken.. Every day passing him in the hallway wondering does he remember me from that class room. He probably doesn't remember me at all. If he remember me.  He will talk to me. Oh yes if he remember he will talk. Months ago by no talk... Me meeting new friends. Hoping one day me and him would be friends. The friends I made where his friends too.. They got me to talk to him slowly didn't want to scare him away. So we sat and ate lunch together with friends not talking much for a few days. Few days later he moves away from lunch wondering what did I do wrong what did I say wrong.. Now he probably doesn't want me around him..

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