Alexandria or Alex is moving away from family into her own world of what awaits for her she's only 16 and is going to college way earlier than she planned but she's smart and curious will curiosity take over what it's like being touched or more by the reality of the world??


2. The Roommate

My roommate was the guy I met at the airport. Zayn! That was a huge shock but hey he's hot.

"Hey, it's you from the airport... Alexandria right?"

I have no idea how to react, so I just nodded.

"I see you have gotten the side of the dorm with the most beautiful view?" He said with a tinge of jealousy.

"Yes I have. I like to draw, seeing the nature just inspires me, you know, i also write poetry but only when I'm sad. It's a weird thing .... I don't know where I get it from but it's just there." I had to stop there, I don't want to let him see me cry.

"Don't worry, I know how it's like, I love to draw. Here look at some of my work" he insisted. I walked towards him. He has amazing artwork I wish I can draw like that.

*later that day*

I'm out shopping. My style of clothing is strange and kind of slut-ish but it suits my perfectly curvy body. I despise how girls hate my body, they always think I'm a slut but I'm not, I have 36C cup and a nice round booty and a nice curve waist. But I never wanted this body but I guess I get it from my mother.

While I was shopping guys started hitting on me. I mean theres nothing wrong with it but it's annoying. Anyways ignoring them I saw a beautiful tight dress. It has black lace on top and red on the bottom. I try it on and then I came out of the dressing room and looked and the mirror and it gave my body a great look.

"Hey sweetheart, you sure look pretty in that dress mind if I get it off of you? A guy said while slipping is arms around my waist and whispering in my ear.

"In your dreams you creep get off of me!" I demanded the guy. I turned around and I recognized him ..... It was Abner!

"Abner ???!!!" I questioned.

"You remember! Great! I picked out some other dress like the one you have on and that only go to mid thigh but the one your wearing is very sexy" how can he act so cool and I'm over here stuttering for words and blushing like a strawberry!

"So .... You.... Were.... Umm.... Stalking me?" I'm such an imbecile !

"You can call it that here try these on" he handed me the dresses they were exactly what I wanted ... Party Dresses for parties and they're tight the way I like it!

"Thanks Abs" I said and he just winked at me.

After trying all of them on and taking pics in the mirror with Abner, I bought all of them. I decided to buy some dots ice cream and go look around for some shoes!

After 5 hours of shopping, my shopping bags didn't fit in my trunk so I had to some in the backseat. I bought more dresses, colorful skinny jeans, denim skinny jeans, tight and loose tops, lace panties, bras with lace on them & normal bras, SHOES (high heels and Adidas, Converse, Vans high tops)

While I was heading toward my dorm I heard yelling between a girl and Zayn. I enter and I see Zayn getting slapped by a blond headed girl.

"It's OVER Zayn I don't ever want to see you again" said the blond headed girl. That's when I said something.

"Get the fuck out!!! You slap Zayn one more time you're dead!!" I threaten the girl and put a lot of hatred venom in it! That's when she slapped him again and I tackle her and pin her down and grab a hold of her hair and banged her head to the floor and she tried to punch me and that's when I clutched my hand into a fist and Zayn stops me.

"Don't she's not worth it" he had anger in his eyes but his voice was low and hurt. I get off the blond girl and she walks away calling me names, like I care.

"Zayn are you okay ?" I'm worried as fuck because of the blond girl and how she slapped him, her hand left a five fingers on both of his cheeks.

"I'm okay don't worry, it's just a brake up." He had so much hurt in that phrase the only thing I could think of was hugging him.

"Don't cry, remember she's not worth it" I say trying to make him happy. We stared at each other and there was a spark of happiness in it. He started to lean in and I close the gap between us. He's lips are so soft, his arms are going around my waist and he's pulling me closer and he lays me down without breaking the kiss and he's between my legs moving up and down and our tongues dance together and he takes off my shirt and we keep making out and I take off his then my hands travel around his perfectly structured back. He stops like if it's too soon or something.

"Sorry Alexandria I don't know what came over me, it's just ... It's been so long." He starts to stutter but I interrupt

"It's fine don't worry ... I'm gonna go to my bed and I have to take a shower too but it's fine don't worry." After a few minutes of silence he says something

"Tomorrow want to go shopping?" He asks me

"Sure, even though I went today ... I love to go with you and can you help me get my shopping bags after my shower?" I agree and ask him. He just nods and I head to the shower room. While I'm their, there are girls looking at me and talking about me but like if I care. I take a shower and change in there too. I head to my car to get my shopping bag after putting my towel and shampoo and other shit in my locker on the shower room.

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