Alexandria or Alex is moving away from family into her own world of what awaits for her she's only 16 and is going to college way earlier than she planned but she's smart and curious will curiosity take over what it's like being touched or more by the reality of the world??


8. School, Classes, New people

It's 6:30 am. No hangover for me this time

I'm still naked and my stuff for school is ready. I decide to pick out a light blue skinny jeans with a black top that shows my mid back. In college you can wear anything! I decide to wake up Zayn.

"Zayn, babe, wake up, it's time for the first day of school" I say while rubbing his face softly.

"Doll, your up early" he says with his raspy morning voice.

"It's 15 minutes until 7 so if I were I would hurry up" I say while heading towards my dresser to brush my hair in front of the mirror. I add some make up, but not so much just mascara and eye liner.

"Doll get my cloths ready, I'm going to take a shower" he says while sitting up and yawning. So adorable!

"Fine but you wear what I pick out for you" I say with frustration in my voice. He sighs and puts some pants on and leaves the room to go take a shower.

I walk to his closet and open it. I got out a black shirt that says "come as you are", gray skinny jeans, and gray & black vans (he can get his own socks out).

I grab my backpack full of heavy shit for school and my small purse that now holds my lip gloss & chap stick, mechanical pencils, point seven lead, and my iPhone.

Zayn comes in with his hair wet and a towel around his hips. He just stares at me. I'm sitting on my bed waiting for him so we can leave. I changed my cloths from before, I didn't like how it looked

"Doll" he pauses for a brief moment "you look beautiful well you always look beautiful but you're so gorgeous right now" he says fascinated, I thought he was going to call me ugly.

"Thanks Malik, now put your cloths on and don't forget your socks" I say while laying on my bed. I'm wearing a blue tank top with lace on the back and in the front says "get down crazy" and I'm wearing black butty shorts.

Finally he puts his cloths on after staring at himself naked in his closet mirror. He liked the cloths I picked out. He's walking towards me and I'm still laying on my bed. He's on top of me now staring deeply in my eyes. He's hazel eyes are soft and nice to look at. He glances at my lips and then he leans in. I feel his lips on mine he moves his lips slowly and I'm following, his tongue is brushing over mine asking for an entrance, I give it to him, our tongues are now dancing with each other's. I take my legs out from under him so he can be in between my legs. He gets the hint and lowers himself and kisses my neck, I feel him going up and down my lower part, I close that gap between there and now he's sucking on my neck and I'm lightly moaning, he has now found my sweet spot.

I check the time and it's 7:30! Shit we have to go now if I want my coffee this morning!

"Zayn we have to go it's 7:30 and I want coffee from the coffee shop on campus" he sighs and gets off of me and helps me get up.

He opens the door for me to walk out and he's right behind me and he closes the door behind us. One if his arms go around my waist while were walking down the hallway and heading towards the elevator to go to another different building for classes.

"Ok, here's your schedule and I have mine, and for lunch. I'm going to be under the apple blossom tree." I say while drinking my coffee he got for me only 10 minutes ago. He nods and gives me a happy smile I've only seen when I trace his tattoos.


I walk towards my first classroom after putting my things in my locker (yes, this college has lockers).

I enter my classroom and everyone was talking and no one notice I came in. Thanks god. I see five empty seats.

Spot #1 is near a group of preps

Spot # 2 is near a group of guys

Spot #3 is in a corner of the classroom

Spot #4 is near a window in the front row

Spot #5 is in front of a blonde headed guy and he's talking to his friend I think

I chose spot number 5. "May I seat here?" I ask the blonde headed guy. His hair is up and he has blue eyes and he's cute.

"Yes you may and I'm Niall, what's your name?" He says and asks

"Thanks and I'm Alexandria but you can call me Alex that's what almost everyone calls me" I saw while taking my seat and smiling.

"Pretty name. I like it!" He says, he's so polite.

The teacher comes in, "Hello everyone, I'm Professor James and I'm the new literature teacher for the whole year, all of you pull out a journal and label it "Thoughts" you will write an entry every week and turn it into me so I can grade it. This will be the main grade for the year, and you will also write in it notes of what the topic we are learning on."

Every one says but me. He continues his speech " Today's homework is to write your first entry and tell me how you're feeling and anything else" he says and he stills continues "Right now you can do whatever you want that does not involve PDA or sexual activity" he says.

He's looks pretty young to be a professor. Everyone starts to walk to each other and talk and I'm starting on my entry.

"Hey, are you new to this place" Niall ask while sitting in front of me, I look up to meet his eyes and nod yes.

"I was wondering if you want to go bowling with me tonight and a few of my friends?" He ask with a happy, hopeful smile.

"Sure I'll love to go bowling and to let you know I suck at bowling" I say while pointing at him and smiling

He chuckles and he gives me his phone "Can I have you number?" He questions.

I nod yes and put my number in it. He sees that there no contact picture on it so he takes a pic of me looking out the window and smiling.

"There a perfect picture" he shows me the picture and I gasp

"No erase that I look ugly!" I say. He takes his phone away from me and nods his head no. So I cross my arms angrily and realize a hmph noise and look away from him.

The day went on and I went to lunch and I'm eating while Zayn appears and he sits next to me. We eat in silence but he glances at me a few times and when I catch him looking at him he blushes and starts to eat his food again.


Finally school is over for today and I'm in my dorm looking over my finished homework for any errors. I see none. Zayn is drawing and I'm waiting for Niall to come pick me up.

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