What They Don't Know, Won't Hurt Them

Lilly Colt is a girl who breaks the rules and comes face to face with her destiny, Hudson. (That is all I shall say for now)


1. Back in the Action

 " 'Hudson!' Lilly shouts. Hudson runs to Lilly and hugs her tightly. 'Don't ever leave me.' Hudson said." Richard stops and looks at the story. "No, no, no. I've turned Hudson from a Sherlock Holmes in the 1920's , to a guy from a soap opera." He takes his eraser and starts over from the beginning. " Lilly wasn't always a goody-two-shoes type of girl, she actually turned out to be a girl who broke the rules and came face to face with her destiny, Hudson Rival." Rich stopped and read his story from the beginning to make sure it's what he wanted. He curtly nodded his head and continued. " One day after Lilly's day at school... Lilly got home from school and she went to do her homework, but someone was at the door. It was the Sherlock Holmes of the roaring 20's, Hudson Rival. 'Are you Lilly Colt?' Hudson asked. Hudson was a tall teenager with brown, short, curly hair. 'Yes. You are?' 'Hudson Rival. You are coming with me.' 'What?' "

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