The Mark

House of Night fanfiction, it starts off with the girl getting marked and discovering her new gift


1. The Mark

I walked the halls, a grey hoodie covered my arms and top half of my body, while simple black slacks covered the rest of me. The brown brick walls of the hallway seemed endless, and very quiet. School had ended not half an hour ago, but I had hidden in the library to wait them out. I was antisocial, people scared me, like, really scared me. I felt my heart beat rise as I thought about accidentally running into somebody now, and I quickened my pace expertly. My locker was the closest to the high gate that reminded me of a castle's entrance. Or a prisons. There really wasn't much difference. I ran straight into her, literally, I always had my head down, and I walked right into her. She didn't even flinch, or seem moved in any way by me. I looked up startled, stepping back and smiling sheepishly about to apologize when I realized that she was a vampire. One of the House of Night trackers by the black robe that adorned her body, a single gold braided belt lined her middle and she lifted her hand pointing at my forehead.

I noticed in the seconds in between this action and her speaking that her markings resembled old Latin scripts and Celtic knots.


When she spoke, her voice was high and melodic, even though her words should have frightened me. "Annella Skynight; Night has chosen thee; thy death will be thy birth. Night calls to thee; harken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night."


I clenched my teeth as the pain erupted in my forehead, resisting the urge to scream and cry. I simply turned away from the vampire in question pulling up my hood and covering my face, forgetting even to close my locker I sprinted away from school, towards the House of Night in the center of our town, knowing I didn't need to go home, no-one would notice anyways.


I had nothing left of this old life, the last reminder that I decided to keep was the yin half of matching yin and yang necklaces that my best friend and I had been wearing for almost two years. I was facing a new life, and I was either going to die or Change completely.

Well, hell.

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