In love with my Best friend

Hey I'm Rose I'm 17 everyone calls me rose or Rosey . Zayn is engaged to the famous Perrie Edwards and I am in love with Zayn we have been best friends since we were 6 years old . Zayn and I hang out a little but Perrie is always there . I really love him but he doesn't know and I think Won't care


1. introduction

Hey my name is Rosy Allen , I'm 17 years old and my best friend is 18 and his name is Zayn Malik . We Hang out a little but he's coming back to London tomorrow . He's bringing the boys to and this is gonna be the first time we all meet . I have a secret . Lean closer ..... Closer .... IM IN LOVE WITH HIM and by him I mean Zayn . Iv always loved him since we first met . He's helped me through all of my hard times but he is engaged to the famous Perrie Edwards . She is always there looking over our shoulders . I really love him but he wouldn't give Perrie up for me . She is pretty I'm just ordinary

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