Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


5. Chapter 4

Natasha’s POV “Natasha will you just breath?” “But-” “They’re going to think you’re crazy.” “They’re so beautiful.” I hasped. “They are also fifty feet away, behind a piece of glass not even looking in our direction.” “I don’t care.” I sighed, staring at their beautiful bodies. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” “What?” I asked snapping my head towards Maria. “You have a boyfriend…” “What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” I joked, smirking cunningly before turning my attention to my four idols. I was wearing this: “Have you managed to speak to him yet?” “Not properly.” I mumbled, my mood already decreasing. “What do you mean by not properly?” “Well, technically-” “He hasn’t called?” She already cut me off with her rushed statement. “No.” I began to sigh again. “He’s probably really busy recording.” “Natasha you can’t keep lying to yourself. It’s not good for you.” “I like to think positive, it gets me through the day.” I admitted. “I don’t doubt it does but sometimes you gotta face up to reality.” “I’m sure he’ll call soon.” “Never mind. Anyway, it looks like we can go in now.” She picked up her tine and plastered a massive grin on her face. “Oh, okay.” “Ready to meet All Time Low?” “I’ve been ready all my life.” I chuckled before falling into step with her as we approached the building. I had been gazing out the tour bus window for hours before we were finally allowed out. “Please don’t freak out, I don’t want to have to do any awkward explanations.” “Maria, I’ve got this. Don’t worry.” I grinned, winking at her. “You have just made me lose every ounce of faith I had in you with that wink.” “Oh c’mon, what the worst that could happen?” I chuckled “For a start you could walk into the glass door-” her sentence was cut off by a massive thud. That massive thud happened to be me walking straight into the door. “Too late.” “Did they see?” I whispered, rubbing my delicate cheek. “No, they’re probably just gazing out the window at the row of tour buses parked up outside.” “So in other words, they saw.” I asked dryly. “Yeah, pretty much.” She laughed. “Such a nice friend.” I retorted sarcastically. “Aw c’mon, lighten up. It’s not my fault you didn’t see the door.” She mocked, patting my head like a dog. “Actually-” “Enough chit chat, don’t want to keep them waiting.” She winked. I subtly shook my head at her, following her footsteps as she made her way to the boys who were gather around the guitars. “Hi boys!” She greeted, waving at them enthusiastically. “This is Natasha.” She introduced me. “Natasha as in the opening act Natasha?” Alex asked, directing it towards me. “That me.” I grinned, nervously laughing lightly. “It’s nice to meet you, heard some great thing about you. I’m Alex by the way.” He winked, extending his hand out to me. “And I’m Jack!” He shouted in my ear like a little child. I quickly wriggled my arms free so I could hive him a hug back. “Jack you’ll kill the poor girl.” Rian joked, helping get Jack of me. “Everybody loves a bit of the Lebanese Prince.” Jack retorted standing with his head held high in the air. “He’s crazy.” Rian laughed. “Rian by the way.” “Don’t worry, I know who you all are.” I admitted. “You do?” Alex asked, seeming quite shocked. “Sure do, been fan ever since Circles.” I stated. “Really? That long?” Zack asked making an appearance in the conversation. As I nodded. “I never had you down to listen to our music.” Alex replied. “Really?” “Yeah, I heard you toured with that British boy band.” “One Direction?” I asked rhetorically. “Yeah. I honestly thought that’s the sort of music you’d listen to.” “Alex, you of all people should know not to judge a book by it’s cover.” “I like this girl already.” Jack jested. “So have you seen us play live at all?” Rian questioned. “Umm...” I pondered, holding out my hands to count on my fingers. “Too many times.” I laughed, giving up on counting. “I saw you support the Plain White T’s back in…” “2007?” Zack finished for me. I nodded in response. “Enough about us, I look forwards to hearing you play.” “Thank Rian, I can’t wait!” I tried to hide my excitement. “Wait, you’re staying for the show tonight.” “I can’t leave my guuurl:” Rian joked in some weird accent. “Have you met Cassadee yet?” “No not yet, but I’m hoping to do so before the show.” “You two will get along just great, just don’t gossip about me too much.” “I’ll try not to.” I chuckled. “Can I ask a favour?” I grinned. “If you want to borrow hairspray it’s off limits.” Alex jested. “Don’t worry she’s got that covered.” Maria interrupted. “She practically has a whole suitcase filled with stuff.” I can’t help it if I have hair needs. “Could I get a picture with each of you?” “Of course! I can’t believe you’ve been a fan for so long and never meet us.” Jack replied, already swinging his arm around my shoulder in preparation for the photo. “I’m not exactly the luckiest person.” I replied. “Okay, serious photo and then fun photo” Jack instructed. “Serious?” I questioned, turning to look at him. “Just smile at the camera.” “Ready?” Maria asked. “Say cheese!” “Cheeeeeeese!” We both replied. “Okay, now fun photo!” “Ready?” Jack asked. “What are you gonna do?” “Just wait and see.” He replied. “Um, okay.” “You look nervous!” Alex shouted. “Because I am, I know what Jack’s like!” I shouted back. “Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?!” Jack questioned. “Face the camera!” Maria shouted. “Okay, ready…321…” “JAACKK!” I literally screamed as soon as the camera shuttered went off. My hand reached straight for my face in which he had proceeded to lick during the photo. “What? Everyone likes a bit of Jack slobber.” He joked. “I’m sure Louis’ gonna be pleased with that photo.” “Oh, not as bad as I thought.” I mused over scanning the picture. “Who’s Louis?” Alex asked. “No one…” “Her boyfriend.” Maria concluded. “Aww you hear that Jack, she’s taken.” Alex jested, patting Jack on the back whilst he pouted like a small child. “But is he famous and in a cool band, with cool hair like me?” “Actually he is.” Mari answered for me. Lemme guess, he’s in that boy band.” Riana ked. “Sure is.” Maria replied. “Hey, I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone.” I defended. “Natasha, honestly, who are these guys gonna tell?” She chuckled. “They could put it on twitter, I head they have quite the fan base.” “Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.” Jack comforted with a side hug. “Even if you think he’s better looking than me. So which one is it? The blonde one?” “Niall? Heck no.” I laughed. “As much as I love him, I don’t love him like that.” “The curly one?” Zack asked. “Nope.” “I don’t know who the others are…” Rian pondered. “Oh! The one that look like Justin Bieber!” Alex stated. “No, and Liam doesn’t look anything like Justin Bieber.” “How many more are there?” He replired. “Two more.” I smiled at him. “I can’t even picture the other two.” “Are you sure there’s five? I’m sure there was only three…” “Definitely five.” I give up.” Alex sighed. “Louis!” Mari shouted charging closer towards me. “Louis?” Jack repeated. “Yeah.” I smiled. “No Louis! Louis’ calling!” She literally shoved my phone in my hand which had taken residence in her bad since all my pockets were full. “Answer it then.” She tutted playfully. “Oh right, uh yeah.” I felt ruse for picking up the phone. “Hello?” I asked down the line waiting for a response, his response.
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