Stuck With You

Sequel to I Survived


2. Chapter 1

Louis’ POV
Sitting in a car full of people you’d expect it to be lively and loud, but no, not this car. Everyone was sat in silent, off in their own little world. My hand slipped into Natasha’s, her eyes only gave a brief flicker over to mine before she returned staring out of the window. She was wearing
“We’re almost there.” Liam’s voice literally made everyone jump. The complete and utter silence had disappeared for now.
“Ready?” I asked Tash quietly. She shook her head in response, her eyes were now adamant to look out the window. “You’ll be fine.” I whispered brushing her hair away from her face. As soon as the car pulled up in the departure section the whole car fell silent again. “I’ll get your bags.” I offered ending the silence.

“No it’s fine, Maria’s already on it.” Natasha replied. My eyes moved from her face to out the window, Maria was already there, piling up suitcases onto a luggage trolley. “I guess this is a goodbye.”
“For now. Only a couple weeks and I’ll be there with you.”
“Don’t forget me, I’ll be there too!” Harry shouted into our ears.
“Way to ruin the moment Haz.” I chuckled, shaking my head.
“Well I guess I better be going.” Natasha replied, looking around the car.
“Yeah I guess.” I responded, feeling just as awkward. I wanted to give her a proper goodbye kiss but I felt like we had an audience, fans to be specific.
“bye guys.” She flashed the other a smile before her eyes landed on mine. “See you soon?” She asked, biting her lip.

“Yeah soon.” I murmured.
“What are you guys waiting for?” Just kiss already.” He laughed whilst pushing our head together. Natasha was going her best not to laughing like me, my eyes connected with her right before out lips met for the last time, for now. “Okay that’s enough, we don’t want thing getting R rated.” Harry joked.
“I’ll miss you.” I admitted.

“I’ll miss you too.” She replied before my lips made a brief contact with hers again, after that she was already exiting the car. There goes my Natasha.
Natasha’s POV
“That everything?” Mari asked looking around the car making sure nothing was left behind.

“I think so.” I replied, not even looking at her. The car door slid shut, I could barely see through the tinted glass windows but Louis’ face appeared pressed up against the pane. I couldn’t help but chuckle.
“Right, we have a plane to catch.” Mari beamed as she grabbed onto my arm, pulling me towards the building I swore to never enter again.
“How are you so lively in the morning?” I joked
“Coffee, lots and lots of coffee.”

“I should try that sometime.”

“Work wonders. You have your passport right?”
“Sure do, you have the tickets right?”

“I thought you had the tickets?” She asked seriously.

“What? No?! You had the tickets!” I exclaimed in a very panicked voice.
“I’m kidding, course I have the tickets.” She laughed.
“Don’t do that!”

“You face!”
“I thought you were being serious. This is why I don’t get up at four in the morning, I don’t function properly.”
“Ooo quickly there’s no line!” She literally dragged me over to the check in desk. Over the past couple of days I had learnt Maria was very outspoken, bubbly and full of life.

“Maybe because it has something to do with fact it’s stupidly early in the morning.” I replied sarcastically with a hint of humor in my voice.
“I’ve known you a week and I’m already sued to your sarcasm, in fact it entertains me, this tour should be fun.” She chuckled before walking up to the desk.
“Thanks?” I laughed back, following her to the desk.
“Passport?” Mari asked, already taking it out of my hand. My passport was remade before I flew back to England that one time, I didn’t have a say in any of it so I’m stuck with a sixteen year old me photo until I’m twenty six.
“Tickets please?” The lady asked, Mari handed them over and grinned around her.
“C’mon, we got a plane to catch.” I hadn’t even noticed our bags had already been checked in and processed before Maria was pulling me towards the departure lounge.
“I’m off to the bathroom, you coming?”

“No, I’m fine thanks. I’m just gonna go and sit down over there.” I replied, pointing the an empty row of chairs
“Why don’t you go look around the shops or something?”
“No I’m fine, I’m not in the mood for shopping.”

“Okay, be back in a tick.” I wasn’t exactly sure how much Maria knew about my past. I just wondered if she knew 2 years ago  I was in a plane with my family and the plane crash. Did she even knew my family wasn’t here with me anymore, or that Louis was on the plane with me when it happened, and that we were the only two survivors?
“What’cha doing?”

“Uh? Oh, nothing. Thinking.” I hadn’t even notice Maria had joined me, I was too busy staring off into space, recalling past memories.

“Not much of a flyer?” Mari asked, placing her hand on my knee to stop it from bouncing up and down.
“Not one of my passions.” I gingerly responded.

“I’m not too fond either, doesn’t make sense to launch ourselves into the air.”
“Yeah, I agree.”

“I mean, they could easily fall, just cut off and we could all-”
“Maria, I don’t want to think like that.” I was almost on the brink of tears, it was clear now she didn’t know what happened.
“Sorry sometimes my brain and mouth aren’t synced.”
“It’s fine.” I stifled out, trying not to cry.

“You alright?”
“Just peachy.” I lied. I took a few deep breaths when we entered silence again.  My eyes began to narrow at a couple. The woman looked around the age old 35ish but her husband or partner looked older, he looked over the forty age gasp. My eyes wandered to their child, although she could hardly be called a child since she looked around sixteen. When she turned around to speak to who I presume was her mum my eyes caught sight of hers. My breath caught in my throat before I stood up, ready to run.
“Natasha!” I ignored Maria calling me and began walking away. “Natasha our flight is boarding.”

“What?” I managed to reply, turning around to face her.

“Come on or else we’ll miss the flight.”

“But what?” She asked, raising her eyebrows at me.

“She was there.” My voice was quiet from disbelief.

“Who? There’s no one there.” She replied, looking exactly where I was staring. I remained completely still, staring at the empty space which was previously occupied. “Come one, there’s a queue to board.” I was already being dragged towards the boarding walkway before I could protest.


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