Star Riders

Meet Joseph Clayton. He's 16 and a little nobody soldier. But when faced with a responsibility that might end the war, can he make the right choice? He finds truth and meets a mysterious girl named Ava, who was hiding a big secret, which could save or end his life, and everyone in the land of Kasteel


1. Chapter 1: the kidnapping

A cascade of gunfire pelted down at us from the enemy ships. Several bodies fell, down into the black, infinite depths of space. My eyes widen as I see our general among the fallen. Suddenly, all the clamor around me fell silent. I raised my head, and saw a figure, completely entombed in a black bodysuit, with a strange black box strapped to its back. I couldn't tell what gender they were, but I knew at a glance it was an enemy soldier. In a blur, they leapt at me, put me in a headlock, and pointed a gun at my head. "Get back!" Their morphed voice resounded across our barrack. The soldiers around me slowly and hesitantly put their weapons down onto the cold, hard steel, because it was an ancient tradition of Kasteel to lay ones life for even the smallest child and weakest elder. The figure then leapt off the battlements, into the black nothingness of space, yanking me along with them, and I promptly blacked out.

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