Ideas, commonly known as 'Visions', are no gift.
Visions are dangerous.
Visions are only to be used under careful government supervision as decreed by our Commander and saviour.


7. Kathryn's Voice

Kathryn’s mouth opens but nothing else can make its way out. She finds feeling in her feet again. She hops down so fast she almost falls off of the bed.

It takes a moment to regain some balance, but she runs the few steps it takes to get to the door. Her breaths are fast and short between each hurried stomp. A great thud rattles through the wood as she smacks her body into the door. It doesn’t budge no matter how hard she pushes. Banging her palms onto the frosted glass, her hands tingle with the impact.

Someone sane has to be here.

Someone has to help me.

“Of course you are innocent, dear,” The voice of the Commander sings over her shoulder, “But here we will cleanse you.”

Kathryn’s stomach lurches.

One last slam of her body into the door and it finally gives way. She takes one step forward.

A guard, larger in both height and width than all of the others that have been around, stands in the door. Kathryn smacks into his torso.

The guard removes his hand from the doorknob and latches both fists around her arms. She struggles hard against him, but no matter how hard she tries his grasp doesn’t become any weaker.

“It’s not my fault! I’m innocent! I can’t die here. Not like mum. I’ll… I’ll just stop. I’ll never doodle or sing or dance or anything again, please!”

“Wait.” Alastair mumbles. His foot moves forward, then back again, before he snaps out of it and tries to step towards his daughter. His arm is out, fingers extended, reaching for Kathryn’s.

Two doctors file in. They bring with them another giant guard. He stands by Dad and grabs his wrist too. Alastair’s hand only just manages to brush Kathryn’s before it is pulled behind his back by the other guard. He gives into the constricting grasp.

“You know the treatment’s easy, Alastair. We’ve developed a lot since you had it before. It’s a lot more refined.” The Commander had taken a step back, observing the chaos.

“I know… I know that a lot went in and I was lucky to come out again…” Alastair stumbles over his nervous words.

The guard yanks Alastair’s arm further up his back and he lets out a yelp. Kathryn winces, but she’s frozen by adrenaline as well as by the guard behind her.

 “Is there no other way?” Alastair whimpers.

The Commander continues his slimy smile.

“I’m sure your daughter will be more willing than your wife and it’ll go off without a hitch.”

He disappears in the blur Kathryn enters.

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