Emilia and the queen of death

the story consists of 5 major protagonists going on a journey to fulfill a prophesy.
the story ends with a series of plot twists no one will ever expect!
thanks to all my friends for letting me base the characters from their real life personalities.


1. the start of the adventure.

ARGH! Emilia exhaled a scream of agony as she awoke from a horrifying nightmare, blood seeping from her disgustingly cut skull as she fell from the mountain top bed that she lies in. As Emilia rushed to bandage her head her vision blurred, she bumped into several walls. Eventually, with the help of her flat mate (pipar), she managed to bandage her head; they started to head to the hospital but at some point (not transparent to either of them) our two unsuspecting heroes fell into a vortex swirling in a similar fashion to a blasting, raging, roaring tornado. Emilia awoke in a chaotic world just like wonderland; she tried to sit up but instantaneously passed out. while sleeping our heroes were ambushed by a flock of flying, majestic sea turtles that give them ultimate good dreams.

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