I'm in love with a monster. A beautiful one.


1. First Glance

"Wow it's beautiful" I said to my mother as I took a look at our new house. Every room was beautiful. We are quite rich because of my Father but he has to stay out in America for work. It's confusing to know what he does but I don't even bother asking. Oh by the way, I'm Elizabeth Carter 18 years old and I'm just finishing my last year of high school. I don't even need to go I already know I've got straight A's but I just enjoy school it's quite fun. I'm not popular, I'm the quiet girl in your class. I have absolutely no friends but with all the cat fights in my school I don't even think I want any. We moved from Marco Island to Cheshire I don't care much about the weather I'm not bother to be honest. After packing my things in my room I took a glance around the big king size bed the couches on every side , the en-suite and the walk in wardrobe just remembering how lucky I am to live here. I'm starting school tomorrow at Cheshire High. I'm nervous yet excited to learn. As my eyes start to get really heavy I change into my checked pyjamas, tie my long brown hair into a messy ponytail and head to bed.

My alarm pounds into my peaceful sleep with the reading 6:00am. I drag myself out of bed and slip in a hot shower daydreaming. Soon enough my mum is screaming at me to get ready definitely mother like daughter. I put on some ripped skinny jeans and a purple jack wills jumper with purple vans. I brush my hair down and let it go natural. After grabbing my bag I run down the endless amount of stairs as I reach my mother at the kitchen counter. " Morning mom" I said biting into a breakfast bar. "Hi baby you excited for the first day of school?" She asked smiling and hugging the crap out of me. Now that I think of it it's the middle of the year for them and it's definitely not normal to have a new person then. "Well thanks for making me nervous Mother because as a matter of fact I wasn't even thinking about it". Ugh enough sympathy for now, I took my rapper put it in the bin and turned to my Mother "Bye Mom wish be luck" I said hugging her," Good Luck now focus on your studies my little princess".

As I entered the school building all I saw was slut after slut after slut god England is different to America, much different. I turned left to the school office and knocked on the window, the blonde plumped lady turned round happily and said" Hi there how can I help you dear?","Uhm well I'm new here and I need a schedule and I don't know where to get them so I just came here" She nodded happily and took a sheet from under her desk,"Oh you're Elizabeth! We'll have a nice first day and make sure to not get lost!" Does she seriously think I'm going to mess up an get lost? Of course not!

By the time second period came I was lost and very late for class. Apparently teachers don't walk around corridors. I'm about 15 minutes late and literally sweating that I actually did mess up. As I turned left into a narrow blue corridor I saw about my year walk the way towards me. To avoid any awkward eye contact I kept my head down and began to walk fast until I saw a hand on my arm, " Where you going baby?" A husky voice from above asked, I shakily looked up and noticed the pile of curls gelled up on his head and the amount of tattoos on him. Shaking our of the multiple day dream I answer him," I'm just going to my English class" I pulled away from his grip waiting for him to speak up. " Elizabeth it's the other way c'mon I'll show you" wait. Does he know my name? " How do you know my name?" I asked him furrowing my eye brows, " I know everything about cute innocent baby girls just like you now c'mon" Ignoring his creepy yet confusing comment I continued walking in his direction while he was reading my schedule " Ah you've got English with me guess Zayn will have to move so you butt can sit next to me" Again I ignored him I want nothing to do with a bad boy like him so it's best I keep my mouth shut.

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