all i remember is waking up, having a feeling that i need to run away. i have no memory of anything else. what happened??? who am i??


2. safe for now



    after i passed out i had a strange dream, i was running and then i was caught and the people torched me until, i told them why i was there. 



       when my eyes opened i was in somebody's arms, they were shaking like, they were crying. i opened my eyes and saw i was in a dimly lit room. there were many people there all dressed in dark clothes. all of them had piercings and tattoos. i move my head to see who's arms i was in. he was handsome. he had dark green eyes, light brown hair, and light pink lips. he as well was wearing all black. but, unlike the rest, he looked like he cared. everybody else looked like they were bored. 


     i finally had the nerve to ask " who are you? were am I?" 

   all the people in the room looked at me in shock, like they expected me to know were i was.


    the handsome boy that was holding me just stared at me and started crying again. 

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