The Willow Tree

Carmen lives in a world where true love is treason. Your Pendant is unique, and only half; until you meet 'The One'. Who has your matching Pendant, but Carmen is special. She has the legendary Willow Tree, not only does she fall for the wrong boy. But her Pendant doesn't work properly. What other things will go wrong for Carmen in her epic resistance against the Taine?


1. Prologue


“Just a little more, Amari,” a woman in white clothing hushed. Her arms were out waiting expectantly, a towel draping over her hands. Amari on the bed moaned and gritted her teeth and finally a baby’s scream interrupted the peaceful room.

“Carmen,” her mother lulled as the mid-wife placed the baby in her arms. “Thank you Rena,” Amari gasped out panting, her brown hair sticking to her forehead.

“I will be back in a moment,” Rena whispered as she swiftly walked out the room. Her white hair and clothing was like a cloak. Amari touched her daughters purple face, and whispered words to quite her down. Rena was back too quickly and took Carmen out of Amari’s hands. A small leather bag swung from her wrist as she pricked the baby’s finger. Carmen began to cry again as a slither of red blood dripped down her hand and into the leather bag. Slowly Rena brought a black piece of chord out of the bag, dripped with the blood from Carmen. As if it was a trick of the eye a small Pendant began to form. A circle with half a willow tree was suddenly there, within a blink of the eye and Amari sat up straight in wonderment. Rena’s Pendant seemed to

Rena slipped the pendent over Carmen’s head and the baby closed her eyes to sleep. Rena smiled happily at Amari, “a healthy baby to become a wonderful woman.” Amari nodded and with a flash Rena was gone and Carmen lay in a cot at the end of the bed.

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