A Star born

Hi my name i Star. I love to write and sing music. My biggest idol i Justin Bieber yearh, i am a beliber. I love so much. He helped my throw alot, and im really greatfull for that. My wish is to meet him, and i will get a chance to sing for him. But that will Never happen right.


1. The Day will come

Stars pow

me and my bestfriend Clary was sitting in my room and eatin as we always do. We er eatboddys.  Clary turned on the tv to see og there was anything good. Syddenly there was a interview with Justin Bieber. He was on Ellens show. 

justins pow

i was to a interview at Ellens show. She ask if there was anything new. I Said yes me and Scooter are going to held a competition for the belibers. They just have to send me a video of them singing and then i whose i winner. The winner will sing a song with me. I said goodbye and got of stage

Stars pow

omg omg omg i want to enter. I wil go get the camera and then you will film me Clary. Clary just Said yeah yeah. She is not i beliber and i don't understand why. She always say i think he is a player and breaks every girls heart. She suport my singing but not my love for Justin. I took mu guitar and Clary began film. I sang a song i wrote to my mom after she died. It was a sad time but Justin helped me move on. We send the video to Justin and just hoped for the best.

Justins pow 

i saw a few videos but none of them got my intention at all. Then a saw a beautiful blond girl with her guitar. She sang so amazing and so touching. That girl really want this and i will make it true


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