Moonlit Date

Two best friends go swimming every time they go rowing. Natalie the eldest is holding back a secret that not even Samantha knows about. When Natalie's secret is out what will become of these two friends? Will it tear them apart or bring them closer together? Samantha, known as Sam is going through magic outbursts has no idea what is happening to her. It all starts when the two girls spot two boys spying on them one day, both boys are starstruck by the sight of them. When it comes down to love they all will be put to the test.
I hope you like the new cover I drew it myself :)


13. Jackie

Nat's P.O.V.
At first there was nothing then when the brightness cleared I saw it. Supernatural purgatory for some it was the most feared place in the world, for the others' it was a sort of paradise, but very few made it to paradise here. I didn't know what to expect, but when I saw it with my own eyes I knew it was a paradise to me. I was back in Moonshine Forest by the meadow that I loved. I was alone, but I had a feeling that I was being watched.
"Natalie," a voice echoed behind me. I whipped around to see who it had come from.
"Where are you?" I couldn't see anyone anywhere in sight.
"It's Kikimora; you need to let me enter your afterlife."
"Okay, come in." The trees blurred and a figure stepped into the forest as if from out of thin air.
"White wolf, you don't have much time otherwise you will be trapped here forever." She warned. "I will tell you the way to go, but I cannot go with you. You must make your way there on your own." Kikimora pulled out a map and started to show me where to go.
"Is this because I died before I could bring peace to the supernatural?" I asked.
"Yes and no. The thing is that if you don't get back soon another white wolf will be created but they will not be as strong. It will be someone that is pure of soul and heart but because they will most likely not be born on the same day as you their magic will be weak. I bound the spell to the leap year and that's why." She accelerated through what she had to say. "Anyway, you need to make it to this cave on the north end of purgatory that's your way out, but you have to go through the part of purgatory where all the supernatural creatures that didn't find peace or are still out for blood are. It's not going to be easy." 
"I didn't think it would be, otherwise everyone would be trying to get out." 
“They still try but the passage between this world and life, only allows few people through every couple of centuries and it doesn’t just let anyone through. They have to have good intensions as well as a strong heart.” She started to mark the map, drawing a path all the way up to the cave.
“Here I marked out the path you should take in order to avoid some of the worst parts. I also brought you this.” She passed me a sword in its sheath.
I pulled it out. It was glowing green to start off with then changed to neon blue. It was beautiful; I had never seen anything like it before.
“Thanks, but I don’t even know how to use it.” I had learnt some hand to hand combat but very little of everything else.
“You will, down here you can’t turn into a wolf to help you on this journey. It would draw too much attention even if you could. Start by heading north eventually you will get to the end of your purgatory and you will travel through many others.” I put the sword in its sheath and then she placed a compass in my hand and vanished.
I guess there is only one thing to do now, and that is to start moving before I get stuck here.
It was nice here in my afterlife but it still missed something, the people I love and I know if I were to stay here I would be waiting a long time before they joined me. Even that was a maybe once they passed on they may not even get to this part of purgatory.
I started off north like Kikimora said. I walked through the tall evergreen trees and I could smell the sweet perfume of the wild flowers in the meadow, it made me feel almost peaceful. When the smell started to dissipate I could see that I was getting close to the edge of another’s’ afterlife.
Then I was in the mountains of a place I had never seen. It was gorgeous but not in the same way as my forest. It didn’t hold the same magic. I didn’t see anyone in passing. They must be enjoying another area of their afterlife.
When I got to the next persons afterlife it was the most lush meadow I had ever seen in my life even more so that the one in my forest. A cottage sat in the middle of the meadow. Smoke flutter out the chimney releasing the smell of cooking rabbit onto the breeze. Someone was definitely home.
“Hello, who are you?” A woman’s voice said behind me. I spun around to see her. Her long black hair trailed down to her hips, she stood a head shorter than me, and her face was round with sweet crescent shaped dark brown eyes.
“I’m Nat. Who are you?” 
“I’m Jackie and I don’t get visitor’s much.” She looked suspicious.
“I’m just passing through. Sorry to have bothered you.” I started to move away from her afterlife.
“Wait, is that what I think it is?” I stopped and looked back to see her looking at my sword in its sheath.
“Why would it matter to you?”
“Take it out.” She commanded. I unsheathed my sword glowing in brilliant neon blue. “The sword of wolves.” She mumbled o herself.
“What does this sword have to do with you?” I demanded. I knew she knew more than she was letting on.
“Where did you get it?” She asked in some panic.
“Kiki gave it to me.”
“I can’t believe I didn’t recognise you earlier. Nathena it’s me remember Jacqueline.” She said excitedly like she was finally being reunited with a long lost friend.
“I’m sorry, but I’m Natalie not your friend Nathena.”
“I was a white wolf too,” She explained.
“I still am the white wolf, I’m getting out of here. That’s why I have the sword of wolves as you called it.” I started to walk away. I didn’t have time for this. Who knows how long I have been dead. Time moves slower in purgatory but I don’t have any time to waste.
“Wait! Let me come with you. I can help.” Jackie pleaded.
“Why? I don’t know you.”
“When you get to the other part of the underworld where those who were cast away from those who deserved a happy afterlife, you will need help. They are vicious, bloodthirsty, cruel and evil in more ways than one. You will be overwhelmed fighting your way through them.” Jackie described.
“I’ll let you come if helping me is all you want to do.” She nodded and we set off.
The map was a bit difficult to read at times because some people’s afterlives have been moved since the map had been given to me. Good thing I had the compass. 
Different afterlife’s seemed to blur together as we quickly passed through trying not to get noticed by anyone. We were already starting to get close to this edge of this part of the underworld.
The brightness of those at peace in their afterlives began dissipate and dull to the light of a single flame in a pit of darkness. We could still see with our supernatural eyesight. Creature’s of the night howled anticipation in the distance.
Klaus’s P.O.V
I didn’t owe Gab anything, but here I was helping him again. I should’ve just told Sam to finish him off. If I had him killed then it would mean the Augustine family would never be allies with me.
I was already on my way up the steps to Sam’s house. The front door was still open where Sam and Gab awaited my arrival.
“What is it then that was so important that you had to try and divulge the information of my whereabouts’ from the strongest family of vampire hunters in the world.” I paused for a second. “Go on and spit it out.”
“Your sister and her followers not only plan for the destruction of the werewolf race but also those who will not stand with them. My family has all been forced into hiding.”
“You chose the wrong place to find a safe house. The white wolf resides here as well as the white huntress and the white Fairy. If anywhere is going to attract danger it is here.” I laughed under my breath.
“It would feel safer with the Circle of Purity here, where I can hide in the shadows of the battle.” Gab looked a bit more relieved than the haggard mess in his torn black cloak.
“Circle of Purity?” 
“The wolf, the fairy, and the huntress/hunter together are the Circle of Purity. When they are together they form an unbeatable power that nothing on this earth can stop.” He explained.
“Well you’ll have to enlighten us to what happens when one of them dies.” I demanded.
“That’s bad, very bad indeed. One of them hasn’t died right, please tell me they are all still with the land of the living.” He questioned.
“That is none of your concern. But, please don’t keep us waiting.” 
“One of them is dead.” Gab gasped. “How long?”
“Three days, her funeral is tomorrow.” Sam said.
“How could she be killed just like that? Now we are going to get another one that isn’t as powerful to bring peace! This war is going to be utter chaos to try and end.” Gab trembled in fear. He didn’t believe that he could survive the war this time.
“You can stay with me on one condition, is that you tell us everything you know about the Circle of Purity and the legends that come with them.” I negotiated.
“Done, but I doubt it will be much help.”
“We’ll leave in a moment. Do you need anything else, love?” I directed at Sam.
“No I can handle it.” Sam answered and started to head upstairs to her parents. “I’ll see you later.”
“Good-bye.” I then departed with Gab to my car. It was going to be a long night.
Jackie’s P.O.V
It didn’t take long for those in the dark side of purgatory to find us. I had a machete with me that I cut them down with but it doesn’t feel the same as the sword of wolves.  Natalie held it and struck down those in her way. It changed her fighting through all these souls, I could see deep down inside her she wanted to help the ones she could, and have them find peace.
We were both tired and forever looking over our shoulders for the next fight. We were covered in blood and gore from fighting off dark souls. 
Runes of what seemed to be an old civilisation or temple was where we took rest. It left us cornered but at least we could see them coming. The shattered walls that had some high still continued to disintegrate around us. When we woke up from our rest covered in residue from gray cement of the walls looking dull we carried on.
It felt like we had been on this journey for weeks in this hellish part of purgatory nevertheless we were almost there. Then I could be in the land of the living once more. It’s been lonely over the past twenty years or so. 
Nathena used to visit me in me afterlife but one day she stopped. I tried to find her afterlife but it was nowhere to be found. I miss her and being around however being with Natalie reminds me of her, even though she stopped talking a few days ago unless it was required.
“We should start moving before we get found.” She nodded I could see that under all the misery that this hell had caused her she was excited to go home. I was too.
I may have lied about only wanting to help, I knew she could see that too, but I could see that she didn’t want to go on without me.
We were almost at the most northern point of purgatory where we would find the waterfall that would lets us get back to the living. 
Out of the blue we were ambushed a few metres from the water fall. Furious supernatural creatures had both of us surrounded gnashing their teeth together growling under their breath.  I already had my machete out as did Natalie with her blade, back to back we waited for the first attack.
They all bounded towards us at the same time, we started to move away from each other in order to dodge them. We were outnumbered this time five to one. My machete hacked through the air hitting any unfortunate creature that got in my way. I knew I couldn’t hold them off for much longer.
“Natalie we need to get out before they put us down!” I yelled and we both used the limited magic we had in purgatory to stop them from coming after us. It wasn’t going to be good for us if they managed to put us down here otherwise we would be sent back to our afterlives. 
We sprinted through the shadowy black water towards the waterfall. The creatures had already broken through the magic, pursuing us into the water.
“I’ll see you again one day, Jackie. When I die again so farewell for now,” Natalie said her good-byes to me quickly as she began to jump into the waterfall.
I reached out and grabbed onto her before she passed through completely.
Aiden’s P.O.V
The pasted three days had been torture. Klaus had been looking out for me and hanging out with me these pasted few days. I haven’t been to school. I haven’t eaten.
Klaus is beginning to get on my nerves, I need to be alone. I need to run and think and not think. Klaus was filling in as Alpha when he wasn’t looking after me almost like a child.
“I need to go for a run, alone.” I said and left Klaus outside my house at the picnic table.
I just kept running through the woods and along the river. The more I ran the faster I went until everything blurred around me. Klaus didn’t follow me. I had no destination, until something inside me started to pull me back towards the river.
A glowing ghost of a white wolf appeared in front of me then I slowed to get a better look. It looked like Nat’s wolf. The wolf ran off in another direction and I double backed to pursue it.
It weaved through the trees with ease and got even closer to the river. When the wolf stopped I noticed a girl in a white dress lying with her back to me on a rock in the rivers’ surface.
My heart jumped in my chest as I splashed my way through the river to get to her. I rolled her over and I couldn’t believe my eyes.
“Natalie my love, I’ve got you.” I said as I took her into arms like I was never going to let her go. I don’t know how she is alive nor can I believe it but, I’m glad she’s back for good.
She stirred against my chest without waking as I waded through the waist deep water to the shore.
I sprinted back to my house with her in my arms as smoothly as I could so I wouldn’t wake her before we got back. 
When I finally got into my house I put her down on the couch. Klaus came into the lounge for the kitchen.
“Natalie, wake up my little wolf.” I whispered into her ear hoping it was enough to open her eyes.
Her eyes opened in a flash and bolted upright, gasping for breath like she had been woken from a nightmare. At first she seemed confused and frightened.
“It’s alright you back and safe. I don’t know how but I’m glad you’re back.”
“Aiden,” She said with surprise and then sprung onto me knocking me to the ground in a tight embrace. “I missed you so much.”
“I missed you too.” I breathed out.
Klaus cleared his throat. “I missed you too, Klaus.” Nat said and gave Klaus a bone crushing hug as well. She was crying tears of relief by the end of it.
“Is everyone alright? How long was I gone?” She asked.
“I believe so, you were the only causality and you’ve been gone for three days, your funeral was going to be tomorrow.”
“Well thank god I came back before the funeral. We would have had a lot of explaining to do if I came back after.” She stood there for a while then spoke, “Can I have something to eat? I can’t remember the last time I ate something.” 
“Anything you wish. I could make you a sandwich for you.” I replied.
“That sounds great.” She followed me into the kitchen and sat on a stool in front of the kitchen counter. “You should make one for yourself as well, you don’t so well.”
“I will, you don’t need worry about me.” She is back and already trying to look after me, but I should be the one looking after her. She died for Christ’s sake.
“I always do. Even when I was in purgatory I worried about how you were all coping without me.” 
I put a chicken sandwich in front of her and turned on the kettle. I then slid into the only other stool at the counter next to her with my own chicken sandwich.
“Ummm, this is a tasty sandwich I should get you to make me sandwiches more often.” She joked. 
“Aiden, I’m going to call the others to come over.” Klaus called out from the other room.
“Okay,” I shouted back. I watched Nat intently as she ate her sandwich. It seemed all surreal that she was back here for good. She noticed I was staring.
“What?” she said nervously.
“You’re so beautiful that I don’t believe I can take my eyes away even for a single second.” I smiled.
She blushed, bright red taken aback, “You should eat your sandwich.” She said as she had just finished hers.
“Do you want it?” I asked.
“If I want another sandwich I will make myself one. You need to eat yours.” She demanded. I hadn’t even started my sandwich.
“Bossy,” She elbowed me and gave me a look. I picked it up and took a bite out of it. She appeared to be relieved that I did. She was right, it tasted good.
When I was almost finished I heard cars pulling in. Not long after footsteps came through the door and hushed voices chatted away and Klaus handled them and they all waited out in the living room.
“I guess I better go and see them.” Nat placed a gentle kiss on my lips making me crave more, but before I had a chance she pulled away. “I’ll see you after.” I don’t believe I’ve ever seen her so happy to see everyone.
I followed her to the living room. I would never let her leave my sight again.
Hugs, tears and sighs of relief were exchanged between her and each family member. I stood back and watched from the background. It wasn’t until Sam arrived that Nat could get away from the embraces of her family whispering promises of keeping her safe.
“Sam!” They ran towards each other into a huge hug.
“I can’t believe that you’re alive? How?” Sam said. 
“I almost can’t believe it either.” They both cried tears of joy in each others’ arms for their being reunited once again. 
For a second I thought I saw a flash of pale green in Nat’s eyes, but then it was gone and they were back to normal.
A celebration was held that night until dawn and everyone was so very happy that Nat had returned. I didn’t join in for the whole time, I was getting tired of participating in the activities, but I swore to myself that she would never leave my sight again.
She shared some parts of how she got out, but I could tell that she was holding some of it back.


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