A girl named Sophie is homeless and has been through the hardest times a 16 year old girl should not have to go through. One day when she goes into a coffee shop to see if there was any work going, she bumps into a woman who turns out to be Avril Lavigne who is someone she was looked up to all her life. She helps Avril out the way of being hurt by a mob of people wanting her autograph and some who just don't like her... Avril instantly has this weird attraction toward Sophie that she has never felt before towards any girl. When she finally finds out Sophie is homeless and lives on the streets it breaks her heart, but what happens when they kiss...? What happens when Avril starts to find out about the dark things that have made Sophie a cold person...? This story was named Darlin' after the song Darlin' by Avril Lavigne. Even though this story is based in 2010 which is before that song even came out of Avril's 4th studio album Goodbye Lullaby. I thought the song suited what this story


8. Four Lost, Two Never Forgotten



My eyes flitter open to see the white ceiling that I knew all to well as a hospital ceiling, and at that moment everything that had happened was coming back to me. My thoughts drift straight to Avril, all I need is her here right now, so I start calling out for Avril, I just need her here right now.

"Miss Scott, we will give you some pain medication but can you please calm down," a guys with neat brown hair and brown eyes, he looks to be a young doctor that doesn't really know how to deal with an upset patient.

"I want Avril! I want Avril! I want her now!" I yell at him using all the energy I have within my being that feels so weak as well as tired, there is pain coming from what seems to be everywhere within my body.

The doctor dissapears out the door as tears well up in my eyes, I force the memory that is threatening to surface into my head. I shut my eyes close tight, I open them only to see Avril slowly walking towards me. I reach my hand out toward her just wanting to hold her hand within my own, she walks a bit quicker pace. Her hand finally is within my own, I make it so our fingers are entwined as I look up into her beautiful blue eye that show quite a bit of concern within them.

"Av...," I whisper, that was all I manage to get out, just having her hand in my own takes my breath away.

"Yeah babe?" she asks me worry creeping into her eyes as she ask it only just above a whisper, she didn't seem to take any notice of the nurse that was giving me pain killers for the excruciating pain the I feel through out my body.

"Please don't leave me," I say as tears escape from my eyes before rolling down my cheeks, I'm scared that I'm going to lose this amazing woman from my life which I could never ever handle.

She looks straight in my eyes with some sort of emotion I have never had looked at me with before, it kind of looks like... She kisses me, I kiss her back weakly, I feel my eye lids being weighed down as sleep tries to take me in. Our kiss breaks only to leave her looking down in my eyes as she sits on the side of my bed, she smiles at me and gives me a kiss on my forehead.

"I-," I try to say before my eyes close tight as darkness takes over pulling me into my sleep.

I swear I hear Avril whisper in my ear,"I love you..."





"I love you...," I whisper into Sophie's ear, I think she heard me because a small smile forms onto those kissable lips of hers.

I lay down next to her, I cuddle into her side needing to feel her right next to me at this moment. I bury my head into the space under her chin, I take in the scent of the beautiful girl I lay cuddled up to as I let myself slip off into the land of dreams.  

I wake to Sophie trashing around, I nearly fall off the side of the bed as I call for help. A nurse runs in hearing the screams from Sophie as she trashes around from what I'm guessing is a really bad nightmare, I throw my other leg over her and hold her arms down on the bed. 

"Sophie wake up! Wake up babe!" I yell at her with worry, she could hurt herself badly if she continues to trash around or she could hurt me or the nurse who is holding her legs down tight against the bed. 

It takes what seems to be 5 minutes for her to actually wake up with my yelling at her to. Her eye fly open as she looks up to me with this horrored look, I let her arms go seeing that scared look in those gorgeous green eyes of hers. Her arms fly around my neck as she pulls herself up, tears stream down her cheeks as they fall upon my shoulder, all I can do is hug her tight as I tell her that she will be ok.




I had the worst nightmare that scared me so bad, the whole car crash was being replayed in my head. I have been laying here with my arms wrapped around Avril, I just couldn't bare to let her go, I'm so scared I'm going to lose her. 

The same doctor I had when I was in last time walks in the door, her eyes nearly bug out her head. She quickens her pace as she reaches the end of my bed, she pulls out the chart and as she reads it a releaved look comes into her eyes. She places my chart back at the end of my bed, as she looks up into my eyes a smile slips onto her lips.

"Well hello again Miss Scott," Bek says to me with a smile, she walks around to my left side whilst Avril is cuddled up to my right side.

"Hey Bek, what are you doing looking after me once again?" I ask with a small smirk making its way onto my lips weakly.

"Well Sophie, what are you doing in the hospital bed as my patient once again?" she asks me with a little cheeky smile, as she gives me some more pain killers to help with the pain like it must tell her my injuries in my file.

"I was in a car accident...," I choke out as I try to stop my tears from falling, I actually succeed to keep my tears from falling for once.

"Sophie, a pyschologist is going to come down to see you before the cops come in to interview you," she says to me with a little smile but I can see the sorrow within her eyes, I mean the others must be in worse shape then myself that must be why she looks so sorry for me.

She walks out as this woman who looks to be about 24 or 25 years old with honey blonde hair along with hazel eyes, she walks up to my bedside as she takes a seat in the chair next to the bed.  

"Ms Lavigne I will have to ask you to leave the room whilst I speak to Miss-," this pyschologist said before I interruped her rudely.

"Avril isn't going anywhere!" I yell at her as I grab Avril's hand holding it in my own with our entwined.

"Soph, I will go outside and wait until I can come back in. Everything will be ok," Avril say to me taking her hand away from my own, she kisses my forehead before she gets off my hospital and exits.

I pull my legs up to my chest, I wrap my arms around my knees and hide my face she she can't see me. A nurse walks in with a tray of food as well as a juice and a cup of water, I shove the table away because there was no way in hell I was eating this shit hospital food. 

"Sophie, come on eat lunch,'' this pyschologist says to me giving me this fake smile that I knew was fake as soon as I saw it.

"I'm not hungry...," I say weakly, I just rock myself closing my eyes only to see the pictures of the accident flashing in my eyes clearly.

"Sophie, eat your lunch or Ms Lavigne won't be allow to come in to see you," she says to me trying to blackmail me, it didn't work it only made me angry.

I open the lid only a tiny bit, I hit my hand against it making it fly into the wall with a loud bang. The pyschologist jumps as she stares at me wide eyed, a nurse rushes in to see the food on the floor as well as the wall and the white plate broken on the floor.

"Just fucking tell me what you need to then get the fuck out of my hospital room!" I yell at her use the only bit of energy I have in my being.

"Miss Scott, I'm very sorry to inform you that the four other within the car all died on the day of the accident...," the psychologist says to me, she couldn't even look me in the eyes.



The past three days have been a blur, I only came home yesterday and Avril has been amazing but she has to go back over to Los Angeles. She has made Jordy promise to look after me as well as watch me closely. 

I get out the shower drying my hair before my body that has water dropping to the fall causing a puddle around my feet. I wrap the towel around my naked body, I walk out into the hallway and make my way back to my bedroom. I shut the door behind me and head for my built in wardrobe to find something to wear since today is Blaze's funeral this morning whilst Lainey's is this afternoon at 3pm. 

I grab out my best pair of black skinny jeans, my black batman t-shirt since both Blaze and Lainey loved my t-shirt. I decide to also grab my black leather jacket. I slide my skinny jeans on over my underwear, I shove my batman t-shirt over my hand and pull it down over my bra until the bottom of the t-shirt sit just over the edge of my skinny jeans. I put my black Chuck Taylor All Star Converes, I pull my leather jacket on which completes my look. I blow dry my hair before flat ironing my hair to make it straight, I did my make up like I use to with my whole scene look that Blaze loved so much.


I sit with Jordy by my side, we are sitting in the second row behind the immediate family. Jordy is wearing black skinny jeans just like me, she wears a nice looking black tank top with a black hooded jacket. 

The funeral has been going for awhile but now but this next bit surprises me most. Blaze or as people are using now her real name Layla's parents ask for some of her friends to come up including me. Layla's parents didn't like me, they thought that I was bad for Layla but the reality is that Layla and her boyfriend were the ones that first got me into drinking, smoking and doing drugs. 

I stand in front of everyone with a group of Layla's friend who I knew pretty well, a couple of them spoke but I just stayed back listening to what they have to say. I couldn't help but let one single tear drop leak from my eye and roll down my cheek.  


Jordy and I walk into the church in which Lainey's funeral is being held in, I'm holding Jordy's hand as we walk in. This woman walks up to me with her eye make up running down her cheeks, she has puffy eyes but she looks straight into my own eyes seeing the pain with in light blue eyes that are the same colour as Lainey's was. 

"You're Sophie right?" she asks me with this look that told me that she already knew I was.

"Yeah that would be me. This is my friend Jordy, we three were actually in the hospital altogether and that's how we became friends," I say looking into those blue eyes of hers that seems to be checking me out, I couldn't understand why she makes me feel so nervous, maybe it is because I'm hoping she won't ask me how her son died or what happened in the car crash.

"Yeah, you would of known my son as Lainey. He talked about both of you quite a lot, he seem to look up to you especially Sophie," she says to me, she gives me this little sad smile before she pulls me into a hug surprise me shit less.

We sat at the front with the family, his mother begged us to. Jordy has tears streaming down her cheeks from her eyes, I hug her against me as I can't help but let the tears roll down my own cheeks faster then I can wipe them away. It was hard knowing this 15 year old boy has been taken away from this world, that boy is my best guy friend actually now I have to change the is to a was and that is sad. 

Lainey's mother gets up making her way to talk in front of everyone,"My son Ryan Lane Matthews was killed in an car crash that also took the life of three other teenagers Layla Harvey better known as Blaze, Josh Yates and his girlfriend Jade Colins. One person young girl was lucky to be alive, she was the only one in the car that was actually wearing a seat belt and her name is Sophie Scott."

Lainey's mother talked about his life but she focus more on his recent life that bought both Jordy and I into it. She gave me the photo Lainey had of the three of us together, she told me that I was the best thing that happened to her son since I was what showed him that his life wasn't really that bad. I just couldn't help but cry even more at seeing the photo of the three of us so happy.





I come back after a week away, over that time it was the funeral for the four that died in the car crash. First was the joint funeral of Josh and Jade, they were buried next to each, their families even though they didn't like each other knew that was what the two young loves would have wanted. The day after Josh and Jade's funeral it was Blaze's funeral in the more, then it was Lainey's one that afternoon.

I call Sophie everyday to make sure she is ok, I know she and Jordy were hit really hard by the death of Lainey. 

"Hey beautiful," I greet Sophie on the phone.

"Hey yourself. I was just wondering when you are coming back?" Sophie asks me curiously, she seems to be planning something by the way she asks what day I'm coming back.

"I'm getting on the plane in 3 hours so I really need to get backing so I can get to the airport on time,"I say to her with a smile on my lips as I think about getting to see her again, I have actually been missing her like crazy even though it has only been a week and 4 days.

"When you get back we need to talk..."

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