Over Again

Holly Burton. Liam Payne both similar people. Holly thought she would never met One Direction but when One Direction come back home for there break before WWA Tour. He bumos into Holly and and OVER AGAIN!


1. One

Holly's P.O.V

"Are you a boy or a girl?" A boy asks walking past me. I ignore him and sit down at the bus bench, i wasn't waiting for a bus i just wanted to read my book 'Kiss' by Jacqueline Wilson, she makes the best books.

I was chewing my book mark concentrating on my book and also my posture as a 'fake' old man sat next to me?

"Hello Sir..." I start a conversation with this old man, he seemed very familiar but i just can get my finger on it.

"So what *cough cough* brings you here to this bus stop?" Im always a pleasure to start conversations with elderly's. But this man was different his voice started to crack? It sounded like a young, around 19? 20? Years old but still sounded mature.

"May i ask if your really an elderly?" I question him politely, he nods and whispers.

"Im in disguise." He says in his normal voice. I cover my mouth and freak silently.

"Your Li- Li-"

"Liam Payne from One Direction." He cuts me off with a laugh.

"Im guessing a fan." Liam asked knowing the answer, i nodded grabbing a poster of His face on it and on the other side all the boys and politely asked if Liam could sign it.

"Of course love!" He said revealing his face

"All this play dough is really sweaty." He laughs, play dough? On his face well isn't the peculiar.

"Thanks Liam, your my favourite from One Direction, oh and you dont have to say yes but my other fo- three best friends are massive fans as well i wondering if we could all met you." He nodded writing his cell phone number on my hand.

"Bring four if you like but i would like to please that, that is the most." He smiled i nodded.

"One might go crazy round Niall so please warn him." I smile lightly at him as we take our Separate paths.

I get home and go straight to my cell and iPod to tell my Four 1D friends the half details.

To: Rachel, Cherie, Erica and Harmony.

Heyy! You guys all free this weekend i have special guests i would like you to meet :)

I got an almost instant reply from Harmony and Rachel but none from Erica and Cherie. I ring them both and my four friends are coming over this week end!!

This Story is dedicated to my friend Holly

Sorry about the short Chapter

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