The Mysterious (Fan fiction about Harry)

Caroline went to high school for the first time she found out that some rumor was going around that one of the members from One Direction were going to the same school. She isn't a big fan in fact she hates One Direction. But something big happens....


1. First day at High School

Caroline's P.O.V

Today was the first day of High school I had to say that the building didn't really look that bad. I was standing in the school yard waiting for Violet. Where was she? I felt someone tap my shoulder and I turn around and see Violet. VIOLET!!! We jumped up and down together. "Oh my I can't wait to check out the guys!" I laughed "Violet you are way into guys now come on we will be late!" We walked inside and already discuss our schedules I only had 3 classes with her.

First class I went to was Math It was one I the classes I had with Violet. We sat next to each other and I noticed her binder it had One Direction I looked at her and rolled my eyes "Well I see your still a fan." She smiled "Look at them how can you not?!?!" I smiled back at her "you crazy." The teacher walked in telling everyone to settle down. After a long day finding my way through different classes it was finally lunch. I was walking to my locker and someone bumped into me. I didn't know who it was considering they had a hoodie on over there head I guess that he might be shy. My books fell on the ground and he kneeled down and started picking my books up "Sorry I can't see anything with the hood on." He said with a British accent. I could automatically tell he wasn't from here.

I laughed "It would probably help if you took that hood off" He smiled and he reaveled his eyes. He had sparkly emerald green eyes. "I'm Caroline" I said smiling "I'm erm... Norris." He looked like he was hiding something. He handed me my books and walked away fast. Hmm wonder what that was all about.

I walked to lunch and saw Violet sitting down looking around. I smiled and I went to sit down with her. "Hi what are you looking for?" She didn't answer and kept looking "Violet?" She looked at me. "What?" I sigh "what are you looking for?" " you haven't heard? Well one of the band members of One Direction are coming to this school!!" I was wondering why only one of them came "But the problem is I DONT KNOW WHICH ONE!" I looked at he surprised.

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