The Forbidden Love.

Romeo and Juliet have to fight for their love. They will do anything to be with each h other, even die to be with one another. Join them on a journey that will captivate you from the very first chapter.


2. Chapter Two

Juliet was really tired as she climbed into her bed. Her father didn’t wake her in the morning so Juliet slept through the whole morning and well into the afternoon. Juliet was woken the next morning by someone outside calling her name. Juliet rolled over and looked at her clock. It was one thirty three in the morning. She walked to her balcony.


    ‘Did I wake you?’ the man asked her.

    ‘No. I was just reading a book and having a wonderful time’ Juliet replied, sarcastically.

    ‘Sorry’ he said.

    ‘Who are you?’ Juliet asked him.

    ‘Romeo’ he replied.

    ‘That’s a strange name’ Juliet said.

    ‘So is Juliet’ he shot back.

    ‘What are you doing here?’ Juliet asked him, ignoring what he just said.

    ‘You asked if you would ever see me again’ he replied.

    ‘You are the one who kissed me?’ Juliet asked, shocked.

    ‘Yes’ Romeo replied.

    ‘Sorry to burst your bubble but you look, well, not rich’ Juliet said.

    ‘Well sorry’ Romeo turned away from her and took a step towards the trees.

    ‘Don’t go’ Juliet begged.

    ‘Why?’ he asked her, turning back towards her.

    ‘I want to talk’ she replied.

    ‘Ok’ he looked down.

    ‘Come up’ Juliet said.

    ‘How can I?’ Romeo asked, puzzled.

    ‘The vine’ Juliet replied, pointing to the vine.


   Romeo did what Juliet asked him to and he climbed up the vine to Juliet’s balcony. He climbed over the edge and stood tall in front of her. They locked eyes for what might have seemed like hours. But it wasn’t. Romeo placed his rough hands on Juliet’s face and he slowly leaned in to kiss her. He pulled away and a very shocked Juliet slapped him.


    ‘What was that for?’ he asked, rubbing his cheek where Juliet had slapped him.

    ‘I have no idea. It just seemed like the right thing to do’ she replied.

    ‘Well it hurt’ Romeo said.

    ‘Sorry’ she said.


   They kissed passionately. Romeo pushed Juliet gently onto her bed. He crushed himself into her. He never took off his shirt, instead he left it on. Juliet tightened herself around him, stroking his hair and squirreling closer until there rhythm became a slow rhythmic rick. He pulled out of her at the last moment, spilling across her neat white sheets. He landed softly on top of her.


    ‘I’m sorry’ he whispered in her ear.

    ‘It’s ok’ Juliet said, still stroking his hair.

    ‘I love you’ Romeo whispered softly.

    ‘I love you too’ Juliet whispered back.


   Romeo rolled off Juliet as he lay next to her. He kissed her lips and they fell asleep in each others embrace. Romeo got up before Juliet did. Juliet was still lying on her back, breathing so sweetly, the sheets just above her hips. Romeo stood there in the doorway, watching Juliet’s breathing. Juliet’s bare breasts looking beautiful as they moved in time with her breathing. Romeo walked over to Juliet’s sleeping body as he leaned down and kissed her breasts then her lips. He walked back over to balcony, jumped it and disappeared into the night.


   When Juliet woke a few hours later the first thing she noticed was that Romeo was gone, as she sat up the fell down her. It was typically of men to always love woman and leave them. Juliet thought. Juliet got up out of bed, pulling her nightdress over her body and slipping her robe on her she went downstairs for breakfast. She noticed her father sitting at the table eating his breakfast.


    ‘Good morning’ King Victor greeted her.

    ‘It’s a very good morning indeed’ Juliet said.

    ‘I have some good news’ he said.

    ‘What is it, father?’ Juliet asked him.

    ‘I have found you a suitable husband’ he replied, happy.

    ‘What?’ Juliet said, shocked.

    ‘You’re not sounding very happy. Are you happy?’ he asked her.

    ‘Happy. How can I be happy?’ Juliet asked him.

    ‘Just be happy ok’ he replied, keeping his voice even.

    ‘Dad, I’m 19 years old. I’m an adult not. You can’t keep treating me like a child’ Juliet nearly shouted.

    ‘You’re still too young’ he said.

    ‘I’m done. I’m leaving’ Juliet shouted.

    ‘Juliet you better get back in here’ her father shouted.


   But Juliet wasn’t listening. She stormed out of the dining room, slamming the door behind her. She stormed upstairs to her room, slamming the door as well. The morning quickly turned into the afternoon.


    ‘Juliet would you come down here please, I want to introduce someone to you’ King Victor said from downstairs.

    ‘Ok’ she said, rolling her eyes.


   Juliet got up and put her book away. She went downstairs to see what all the fuss was about. She walked into the dining room and there standing near the fireplace was a man she had never seen before.


    ‘Hello I’m Prince Christopher’ he said kissing Juliet’s hand.

    ‘It’s very nice to meet you. I’m Juliet’ she said.


   They walked outside and they sat down on the bench. They started to get to know each other and the more Juliet started to know him the more she started to dislike him. He was nothing like Romeo. Of course Juliet didn’t say anything bad nor did she tell him to shut up. At dinner time Prince Christopher kissed Juliet’s hand once more and he left. At dinner there was no talking among her and her father. After dinner Juliet decided to go up stairs and to go to bed.  

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