The Forbidden Love

Romeo and Juliet have to fight for their love. They will do anything to be with each h other, even die to be with one another. Join them on a journey that will captivate you from the very first chapter.


4. Chapter Four

The next morning Juliet woke up in her bed. She didn’t know how she got there but she had clothes on. She went downstairs to breakfast. She didn’t eat anything as she wasn’t feeling too well. But deep inside her Juliet knew that there was a reason s to why Romeo left her. The only trouble was that she couldn’t think of it.


    ‘It’s going to be ok. You’re going to be married soon to that very charming Prince Christopher’ her father said.

    ‘I know father, but I just don’t see why Romeo left me so suddenly’ Juliet said to her father.


   He let out a sign and left the table. Juliet walked to the kitchen but stopped suddenly outside the door because she could hear people talking from behind the door.


    ‘I still can’t believe Romeo left Juliet’ the first voice said.

    ‘He only left because King Victor paid hi to’ the second voice said.


   She opened the door and they stared at her in surprise. Juliet stared at the servants, holding the tears in her eyes. How could her father do that to her? How could he? She grabbed an apple quickly because the servants were staring at her and she left in a hurry. She went quickly to her room and slammed the door. She then threw the apple as hard as she could into the wall and it smashed, sending bits of apple flying across the room. Her father then came into the room.


    ‘Please Juliet don’t slam the door’ he said in a soft voice.

    ‘How could you?’ she asked her father, tears once again forming in her eyes.

    ‘How could I have done what?’ he stared at her in confusion.

    ‘You know what. You paid Romeo to leave and to never come back’ Juliet replied, whipping tears from her eyes.

    ‘Where did you hear such rubbish?’ he asked.

    ‘From the kitchen servants, is it true?’ Juliet demanded, as she started to cry.

    ‘Yes it is true’ he replied, looking down.

    ‘I hate you’ she shouted at her father.

    ‘If it makes you any happier he didn’t take the money’ he said.

    ‘I don’t believe you now go!’ Juliet shouted at him.


   He left and Juliet fell onto her bed, crying and also thinking about what her father had said. She couldn’t control her tears. She skipped lunch but the servants brought up her dinner for her. Later that night Juliet fell asleep while crying into her pillow.


   When she woke up the next morning it was the early afternoons. She had slept through the whole morning because no one woke her up. Why hadn’t her father woken her up? She wondered to herself. She got up and got dressed in a hurry. She didn’t care what she put on as she rushed downstairs in a hurry. She said good morning to her father and to everyone else.


    ‘Juliet may I talk to you for a moment?’ King Victor asked her.


   Juliet nodded and they went outside into the garden.


    ‘Romeo left you a note’ he said, handing the note to Juliet.


   He went back inside and left Juliet sitting on the bench staring at the unopened note in her hand. She opened the note up and stared at it. It was only a few sentences so she went inside and upstairs to her room. She sat in her arm chair that was near the balcony door and she read the note. It read;



I know that you probable don’t believe your

Father but you should because he is right.

Your father offered me a lot of money to

Leave and never come back but I turned it down.


He was right; I am not fit to rule when he dies so

That is why I left. I handed him this note to

Give to you is you didn’t believe him so if you

Are reading this then it means that you don’t. I

Know that you are probable thinking how could

I leave you but I am sure that you will be much

Happier with Prince Christopher.




   Juliet put down the letter and started to cry. She now thought that he was really selfish. She scrunched up the letter and threw it into the bin. She went out onto her balcony and stared out into the forest.


   It stared to rain so she went back inside. She went to bed early and no body bothered waking her up for dinner. But she didn’t care she just wanted to forget about what today had done to her.

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